Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 2

Patient is showing barely any signs of recovery. Wounds are reopening, even though the patient tends to stay rested in bed; a mandatory check of medical wraps and gauze are done every twelve hours. If no change in recover occurs in a few days, the patient will be moved to the Intensive Care Wing, RM 5–

The rest of the log is ripped off. Ayane stares at the note, reading it over and over again, “This was written just a few days ago… Why didn’t he tell me about this?”

Ayane gets up and folds the paper, putting it in her pocket. With some kind of clue as to where Satoru may have been moved, she leaves the room and heads out into the hallway, the cane in hand. Thinking about the last line of the note, she knows that Satoru must have been moved somewhere on the fifth floor. She slowly makes her way down the hallway towards the elevators. She presses the buttons, but once again, nothing happens.

Shit, still out. Looks like I can’t rely anything running on power.”

Ayane leave the elevator and heads for the stairwell, quickly going up the flight of stairs. Reaching the flight that connects the fourth and fifth floors, it’s blocked off by a wall of hospital stretchers and beds. Forced to get out of the fourth floor, Ayane finds the nearest map by the fourth floor elevators. She makes a mental image of where the Stairwell B is located and makes her way there.

Just like the third floor, all of the lights are flickering rapidly on the fourth, making it difficult to get clear images. Going left, down the West Wing hallway, she heads straight for the next stairwell. As she turns the corner, she immediately pulls back and hides around the corner once she sees something down the hall. She peers around the corner to try and stay hidden.

Standing in front of the one of the rooms, there’s a female shaped figure. She has on the same attire as one of the nurses, but it seems ragged and torn in spots as if she was attacked.

Examining the figure, Ayane keeps her gaze straight on the woman, “She must have been chased after that ‘thing’ like me. Maybe she knows my brother.”

Slowly coming out from around the corner, Ayane calls out to the woman; the woman does nothing and continues to stand there. Ayane tries again, but the woman continues to do nothing.

Maybe she’s in shock about seeing the ‘thing?’

Ayane slowly steps towards the woman, the sound of her footsteps lightly echoing in the hallway, “Excuse me? Nurse? I’m looking for my brother. He was in Room 313. Last name Nagano.”

No matter how much Ayane tries to talk to the woman, the woman does nothing. As she gets closer, Ayane notices more details about the woman; her skin is pale and tight, the veins in her arms are clearly visible with deep cut scars along her wrists.

Ayane stops approaching and tries to call out to the woman one last time, “Nurse?”

The final call seems to have gotten the woman’s attention, but her reaction wasn’t expected. The woman goes into a rapid twitch all over her body, her limbs constantly bending in unnatural ways. Her head turns to face Ayane, except there was no face; it seems like the face that was once there has now swirled and inverted on itself, looking like it was drilled in the middle.

Realizing that whoever this nurse was has become some kind of walking monster, Ayane goes on the defensive and readies the cane, “What the hell is going on in this hospital?!”

The womanly creature twists its entire body and begins to stagger its way towards Ayane, arms out as if trying to latch onto her. It lunges forward and misses, as Ayane takes a large side step to get out of the way. Taking the opportunity, Ayane takes a swing at the creature, landing a strong, blunt strike directly at its head. The creature readjusts itself as if it wasn’t even hit.

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