Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 2

Ayane can hear the nails tapping against the ground quickly approaching her room. With only a few moments before the dreaded creature arrives, Ayane falls back and hides in the closet where the nurse once was. All she can do is stay blind from the dark and wait for the creature to leave.

The room door is forced open, sound as if it was ripped from its hinges. Nails grind against the floors and walls as the black creature enters the room. With no light, Ayane can only sit and wait and hope the creature doesn’t notice her. She looks down and notices that the light from her phone is still on; she quickly closes her phone, accidentally letting the phone screen clap with the buttons.

Bones begin cracking from the other side of the closet and it gradually comes closer. Fear surges through Ayane’s body, making her legs shake and she grips onto her phone for dear life.

It heard me! It’s coming here!

Ayane goes as far into the closet as she can, her back pressing against a solid wall. The bone cracking comes to a stop; Ayane now hears the low tone of a woman breathing; Ayane holds her own to try and keep any sound down to a minimum. Nothing happens for a what felt like hours, but only lasted a minute. The bones begin cracking again, this time becoming more distant from the closet. Taking deep breaths, Ayane takes some time to catch some air before stepping out of the closet; she opens her phone again for light. Along the floor and walls are deep claw marks left behind from the creature.

She makes sure there’s no sound coming from the hallway before walking down to the last room, Room 515. Like every other door, the knob doesn’t move and the door stays locked. Being that this was the last door in the Intensive Care wing, Ayane lets out a sigh, “Satoru must not be here… Maybe he left to another room to get away from that thing.”

Ayane turns to continue back down the hall; the sound of sliding metal rings behind her. She turns back towards the door and a shiny surface reflects in the light from her phone. She leans down and finds a key with the tag “515” written on it.

Did this just slide out from the room?”

Ayane inserts the key to Room 515 and the lock clicks opens. Ayane opens the door and is stunned by what she can see inside; at the furthest end of the room sits a man, slouching back on the wall. His clothes are torn and claw marks tattoo his chest, blood slowly oozing out of him. Ayane rushes to the man and shakes him, “Hey, hey!”

The man has a violent cough, signaling that he’s alive, but barely. With heavy breathing, the man lifts his head and looks directly at Ayane, life seeming void in his eyes, “Looks like I’m not alone.”

The man has another coughing streak and winces out in pain, grabbing onto his chest.

Hey, who did this to you?” Ayane asks in a worried tone. She shines her phone all over the man; the remnants of a white coat are tied around his waist, but is spotted red in various spots. His dark blue simple t-shirt is ripped, exposing his entire clawed at chest.

The man tries to sit up more, but all of his remaining strength has left his body. All he can do is lie on the wall, “’She’ did this to me.”

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