Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 2

What the fuck?!” Ayane cries out as she goes for another swing, this one hitting the creature in the head again.

After the second hit, the creature stumbles, falling back into a wall; its arms snap back in opposite directions and pushes off of the wall. It goes for another lunge, but Ayane uses the curved part of the cane and sweeps the monster off of its distorted legs, sending it crashing to the floor. Without a moment to waste, Ayane starts bashing at the head of the creature. With every hit, blood splatters along the floor and the cane, the sound of the skull breaking gets louder and louder.

After a dozen hits, the creature begins to convulse along the ground for a few seconds before coming to a stop. Ayane stops her bashing and backs away at the lifeless creature; its body begins to fizzle and bubble as if it was being boiled and eventually dissipates on the ground, leaving behind a dark red puddle of a thick ooze in its place.

Ayane looks at the puddle, her arms tired from swinging to protect herself. She tries to catch her breath, “First, my brother goes missing, then this black thing chases me, and now, this?”

Ayane takes a moment to let her heartbeat reach a normal pace again before she continues her way towards Stairwell B just at the end of the hallway. Just like the other stairwell, Stairwell B is blocked off from everything below the fourth floor. Ayane flies up the stairs to the fifth floor and out of the door.

Without even the faintest of light, the entire fifth floor is engulfed in total darkness. Ayane can’t even see her own hand in front of her. Remembering the phone in her pocket, she quickly pulls it out and holds it forward like a flashlight. The first thing she sees in front of her is a wall maker that points out two different medical areas, unlike the other floors. The Intensive Care is on the left, while the Psychiatric Ward is on the right.

Ayane walks through the darkness heading to the Intensive Care wing, her phone shining the way. With the small area of light covered from the flashlight, the layout sees to be the same as the lower floors. Remembering the note in Satoru’s room, Ayane knows that he was moved to one of the room on this floor, but doesn’t know which one specifically. Randomly checking every door she passes, Ayane turns the door knob and calls out in a low tone, hoping for some kind of response.

Trying over a dozen doors, not a single one moves and nobody replies from the other side. Trying the next door, she hears the lock click and slowly enters Room 514. The entire room is thrown into disarray, the bed torn to shreds and tossed across, blocking the window and chairs stacked in front of it. In the furthest corner of the room, Ayane sees a metal cane and replaces it with her beaten up wooden one. She turns around to leave the room when she hears the closet rattling.

She approaches the closet and grabs the handle, slowly pulling it open. Falling out is another one of those nurse creatures; Ayane quickly jumps to the side before it has a chance to fall on top of her. Taking the opening, Ayane beats the creature with the new metal cane before it has a chance to get back up. It shakes and dissolves just like the one from before.

Ayane walks to the front door. As she’s opening it, the sound of a dying woman’s scream echos in the hallway, “Shit, it’s back!”

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