Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 2

Weary of what she might see in that room, Ayane gets a cold shiver down her spine and shakes off the feeling, “Don’t really have much to go on, but I don’t really have much of a choice. If Satoru made it to that ward, then I can still get him out of here.”

Ayane looks at the corpse in front of her one last time and closes his eye lids. She leaves the room and wanders through the hall towards Stairwell B. When she turns the corner, she sees the hallway that leads to the Psychiatric Ward; the hallway is blocked by a wall with only one door leading in or out. The longer Ayane looked at the door, the more she began to fear the worst.

Setting the feeling aside, she heads into Stairwell B, down through the fourth floor to the other stairwell and back on the third. Stepping back into the flickering hallway made it much easier for her to see where she was going, so she put her phone away. Upon exiting the stairwell, she kills another one of nurse impersonating creatures and heads towards the scene where the man was dragged.

A pungent stench fills the hallway and only gets stronger and stronger the closer she gets. Turning the corner, she notices that the room light is still on; there’s a long blood streak that leads from the doorway into the room.

Ayane takes a deep breath and pushes through the smell and walks up to the doorway. The floor and walls are sprayed red with dried blood, the smell now at its strongest. Trying not gag as best as she could, Ayane enters the room, her feet splashing in some wet spots. Thrown over the seats like a rag doll are the remains of what was once a human body, now ripped apart, its limbs handing off by pieces of rotten flesh. Lying underneath it is a soaked, white medical coat now dyed a dark red.

Appalled at the sight, Ayane begins to wonder what kind of monstrosity could do this so quickly and mercilessly. Obviously, whatever it is, it isn’t human. Ayane backs up a bit and uses her cane to try and move around the remains so she doesn’t have to directly touch it; a key falls out of the coat pocket. She tries to pull the key closer with the cane, but the corpse falls out of the seat and onto the floor, knocking it out of her hands and trapping it underneath.

“… Fuck.”

Gritting her teeth, Ayane uses her strength to try and roll the corpse over; her hands press into the remaining flesh, sinking a bit into it. As she pushes it, the limb that use to be an arm rips off of the corpse and falls next to her. With enough space, Ayane pulls the bloodied cane and key out and backs up, letting the corpse fall back over.

Key in her pocket and cane in hand, Ayane rushes out of the room and down the hallway, into the stairwell. She walks through the stairwell and stops, hearing something drip onto the steps going up. She looks a few steps in front of her and sees a small puddle of red, followed by the sound of a woman breathing coming from above.

Freezing in place, Ayane slowly grips the cane with both of her hands and looks up towards the ceiling. Clinging to the ceiling, bones cracking in multiple directions, the long haired woman waits from above, looking directly down at Ayane

Continued in Part Three…

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