Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 2

Who’s ‘She?’ That long haired crawling thing?”

The man nods, “I was trying to protect one of my patients. I bought enough time for him to try and get away.” The man lets out a slight chuckle, followed by more coughing, “Cost me my life though.”

Hearing the man talk about a patient, Ayane tries to change the subject, “A patient? Was his name ‘Satoru Nagano?’”

Yes. I helped transfer him to this room for more care. It seems like his wounds weren’t closing properly.”

The man is hit with a dangerous chain of coughs, spitting out blood as it comes to an end. His breathing becomes unstable. Ayane lightly pushes on his shoulders.

Hey, hey! Stay with me! I’m looking for Satoru; he’s my brother. Which way did he go?”

The ‘Special Ward.’ If he made it, good chance is it’s locked.”

Using his last breath to utter those last few words, the man’s body slowly goes limp and falls over. Ayane starts shaking the man, even though she knows it’s useless. Overlooking the now lifeless body, Ayane sees a folded piece of paper sticking out of his coat pocket.

It’s the other half of the medical log…”

She takes out her half of the note and pieces them together, reading it all in its entirety.

Patient is showing barely any signs of recovery. Wounds are reopening, even though the patient tends to stay rested in bed; a mandatory check of medical wraps and gauze are done every twelve hours. If no change in recover occurs in a few days, the patient will be moved to the Intensive Care Wing, RM 515 for further treatment.

*Note to all overnight staff: Due to the recent incidents of the last few months, the doors to the Psychiatric Ward on the fifth floor must remain locked, even during overnight hours, to prevent any repeat incidents. Should the ward need to be accessed, please contact the following staff for the key:

Dr. Mayu Hoshikawa

Dr. Shinnosuke Uhara

Dr. Hotaru Kisaragi.

Ayane moves the corpse around to get a look on the name tag, it reads “S. Uhara.” She then quickly searches the rest of the coat pockets for any signs of a key, but finds nothing.

He must have gave Satoru the key to get in there.”

Getting on her feet, Ayane tries to figure out where the other two people on this list could be, considering the fact that the only living things here are just creatures roaming the halls. However, now knowing that Satoru is most likely still alive, it brings some kind of momentary relief. Now she just needs to find a key to the Psychiatric Ward to be reunited with him and find a way out of the hospital.

She shuffles through all of the faces she’s seen during the recent events in her mind; the memory of watching that man get dragged into the room on the third floor.

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