Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 3

Key in her pocket and cane in hand, Ayane rushes out of the room and down the hallway, into the stairwell. She walks through the stairwell and stops, hearing something drip onto the steps going up. She looks a few steps in front of her and sees a small puddle of red, followed by the sound of a woman breathing coming from above.

Freezing in place, Ayane slowly grips the cane with both of her hands and looks up towards the ceiling. Clinging to the ceiling, bones cracking in multiple directions, the long haired woman waits from above, looking directly down at Ayane.

Letting out a scream, Ayane turns around and runs down the steps; she can hear the creature following after her. Storming down the flights, Ayane rushes past the second floor. Her feet moving too fast, she ends up missing a step and comes tumbling down the steps, crashing into the wall on the first floor. Somewhat dazed, Ayane groans and she stumbles to her feet. In the midst of her tumble, she let go of the cane, leaving it on the landing between the first and second floor.

She takes one step to try and retrieve it, but the creature drops down from the ceiling onto the landing, preventing any chance to get it. The creature charges toward Ayane, but Ayane manages to open the door to the first floor and escapes. The creature breaks down the door with ease and reaches out, grabbing Ayane by her ankle, forcing her to fall hard onto the ground.

Kicking and screaming, Ayane tries to break way from the creature’s grasp, “Let me go! Let me go!”

Right as the creature starts to pull Ayane back in, something metal and heavy comes crashing down on the creature’s arm, severing it in two; it cries out and retreats back into the stairwell. Tramatized, Ayane looks at the severed arm, still grabbing her ankle. Its grip slowly releases and falls over.

Are you alright?” A voice calmly asks.

Ayane looks up and sees a slim man wearing a dark blue and white security guard’s uniform. Without the cap, his short, unkept hair sways to the right side of his head, his face clean shaven. He extends his free hand, his other hand gripping onto a fire ax used to attack the creature.

That thing almost got me,” Ayane says as the guard helps her onto her feet. She takes a moment to catch her breath before continuing, “Thanks for the save.”

The guard shakes his head and introuduces himelf, “No need to thank me. I’m Takeshi Sunohara, a night time security guard for this place.”

I’m Ayane Nagao. My brother is a patient here and I’m trying to find him.”

To Takeshi’s surprise, he talks about how dangerous it is to be looking for somebody in this situation, “I don’t think you’ll be finding him alive. With that thing crawling around, I doubt anybody would be able to make it alone here, let alone a surgery patient.”

With anger rising inside, Ayane raise her voice as she speaks, “I made it alone ever since this whole place went to shit and I’m still alive. Besides, my brother wasn’t alone the entire time. I was with Doctor Uhara.”

What do you mean ‘was?’”

Ayane fills Takeshi in on what she went through ever since waking up in the lunch hall; fighting off those creatures in nurse clothing, finding out where her brother is, and how many times she managed to escape from that crawling woman. She shows him the key she got from Uhara and explains how she came to the first floor.

Impressed, Takeshi crosses his arms and looks at Ayane in astonishment, “Damn, you went through a whole lot more than I did.”

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