Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 3

Takeshi can feel the frustration and anger building up in Ayane; the glare on her face seems like a warning sign than an expression. Without wanting to make the situation worse, he hands her one of the supplies; a new, high grade flashlight with fresh batteries inside.

The weight of the flashlight his heavy in Ayane’s hands, feeling more like a blunt weapon than what it’s actually used for.

Takeshi puts his hand on Ayane’s shoulder and reassures her of their goal, “We’ll get your brother. And we’ll all get out of here.”

Ayane wipes the tears from her eyes and looks at Takeshi, giving him a simple nod. Restocked and ready to go, the pair exits the security room and heads straight for the stairwell. Before going up, they press against the wall, hoping to avoid the creature.

Takeshi gives a plan before proceeding, “Since I have the ax, I’ll take point. You just keep that flashlight steady behind me and we’ll be good.”


Ayane turns on the flashlight and it illuminates the entire stairwell, making it seem like it’s bright as day. Takeshi heads in first with Ayane close by. They quickly ascend the stairs to the fourth floor and head through the hall. Takeshi takes out two nurse creatures, cutting off their heads in one, heavy swing. They make it to Stairwell B and head straight up and out to the fifth floor. They go right, going right for the Psychiatric Ward. With the new flashlight, Ayane can clearly see everything, all of the different paintings put up to try and give a relaxing atmosphere in the hospital; in total darkness, they do nothing to add to the feeling.

Pointing the light straight ahead, Ayane sees a single, metal door in the hallway with a sign on it that says “Please keep locked at all times.”

Approaching it, Takeshi looks back at Ayane, “You have the key?”

Ayane pulls the key from her pocket and gives it to Takeshi to unlock the door. Slowly turning the key, the door gives a loud click sound. The pair look at each other with confidence as they prepare to enter the ward. Takeshi slowly opens the door, making a high pitch creaking sound as if it wasn’t opened for some time. Takeshi enters first, followed by Ayane.

Just like she saw in the security monitor, the hallway is barely lit an occasionally flickering ceiling light in one spot; the rest of the hallway is pitch black. Fanning the area with the flashlight, Ayane notices a key difference unlike the rest of the hallways in the building; there are only six doors.

Where should we start?” Takeshi whispers, trying to keep his voice low.

Ayane looks down one end of the hallway and walks down it, stopping in front of Room P1. She turns the knob, but it doesn’t move even the slightest, “Next door down.”

The pair walk up to the next door. Ayane grabs the knob, Please, let Satoru be in here…

Continued in Part Four…

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