Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 3

Not knowing where everything is kept, Ayane takes a seat at the desk, while Takeshi goes through the closet.

We’ll be on our way in a second,” Takeshi says. “Let me just get everything prepped for you.”


Ayane looks at all of the monitors and presses the power button on all of them, but nothing happens.

Takeshi looks back, “Don’t even try to mess with those. I tried everything and none of them came back on.”

Ayane continues to look at the monitors, but all she sees is her own reflection. She turns and looks at the last monitor, all the way furthest to the right of the desk. A small, red light begins flickering at the bottom of the monitor.

How is it flickering? Is power coming back to the rest of the building?\

Curious to see if something appears on the monitor Ayane presses the power button and it turns on, giving her a clear image; it’s some kind of hallway.

The lights are barely flickering, making it hard to see exactly what’s happening. Nothing occurs for a few moments, until a figure slowly walks into the camera’s line of sight; with the flickering lights, all Ayane can make out is that it’s some kind of person wearing patient clothing given out by the hospital. Ayane moves closer to try and get a better image, since the monitor doesn’t have a zoom in function.

The figure stops walking and turns around. Ayane instantly recognizes the person’s face.

Satoru! He’s alive!”

Ayane’s sure that she’s seeing Satoru in front of that monitor, but something seems strange about him. He looks around his space and then looks directly at the camera, as if he’s looking at Ayane; he starts saying something, but the camera doesn’t collect audio. Lasting only a few seconds, Satoru tries to pass some kind of message through, but then the monitor suddenly cuts off.

Ayane starts pressing the power button to try and turn it back on, but nothing happens, “No… No no no! Satoru!”

Ayane quickly gets up from her seat and starts pacing, her breathing picking up and tears trickling from the corner of her eye. Worried by the screaming, Takeshi collects all of the needed supplies and looks at Ayane, “You okay?”

No, I’m not okay! I just saw my brother on the monitor!”

What? How? They don’t work.”

Ayane walks up to Takeshi, staring him down, “I just saw my older brother on that damn monitor! He’s still alive and I need to go get him and right now, you’re wasting my time by asking me what the hell I saw!”

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