Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 3

And I have a lot more to go through. I need to get to the Psychiatic Ward to save my brother and get out of here.”

I know you went through so much on your own, but you can’t possibily think that you’ll be able to avoid that ‘thing’ again if there aren’t any lights on the fifth floor.”

I have my cell phone as a light.”

That’s no use if it dies.”

Ayane takes a moment to think and admits that fact; her phone’s battery is draining quickly from being used so often. Takeshi looks at Ayane and beings speaking again, “I’ll help you find your brother. But before we do that, we need to get some more supplies.”

Thank you…”

You can thank me when we get out of here. There are extra flashlights and batteries back in the security room. Once we get you set up, we’ll head straight for that ward and your brother.”

Ayane nods and begins following Takeshi through the first floor hallway.

So, what’re you doing wandering around the first floor, Takeshi?”

I was searching for my partner. When the power went out, we split up to patrol the hospital on foot.”

You guys don’t normally don’t check on foot?”

No. Since we’re on the overnight shift, we can easily watch everything from the security monitors. I went to patrol the second floor while my partner checked the first…”

Takeshi’s voice drifts off for a little bit. He takes a deep sigh before finishing his story, “By the time I came back to the first floor, I saw his body being dragged off by that woman creature thing. My dumbass ran after it to try and attack it.”

Were you able to save your partner?”

Takeshi slowly shakes his head, “I knew he was dead when I saw him being dragged; I just wanted to avenge his death.” He rolls up his left sleeve, showing Ayane three deep claw marks along his shoulder, “Barely made it out.”

Ayane reaches out to touch the claw mark, but pulls her hand back, “Does it hurt?”

Like hell for a bit. I found the stuff this place uses to numb injuries before going into surgery. Took a bit of that and it feels like it never happened.”

Ayane and Takeshi turn a corner and walks down to the last door of the hallway, heading into the room. It’s a rather small room, but just bigger than a room for a patient. Along one wall is a desk with multiple monitors placed on top of it; none of them are on. On the back wall are some tables with various tools and gadgets scattered on top with a closed, gated closet next to it.

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