Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Daylight Savings

I keep brushing my teeth even after hearing what Sam just said, but then it slowly hits me like a ton of bricks. She said it was daylight savings starting today…

I drop my toothbrush and spit out before I stick my head out from behind the curtain to look at Sam.

“Did we lose an hour, or gain an hour?”


Sam has her smart phone in her hand and she turns it to me so I can look at the screen. In bold, white letters, the time reads “7:13AM.” Right underneath that is the date, and that says “Sunday.”

I keep looking at the phone, making sure that I’m seeing everything correctly. After a moment, I look up at Sam; her face is blushing like a cherry and she keeps breaking eye contact with me.

I finally decide to let it all out, “So, I wasn’t going to be late for work. Because it’s Sunday, and I don’t work weekends!”

Sam starts pleading for me to forgive her, “I’m sorry! I didn’t look at the right clock this morning!”

* * * * *

I lost track at how long she has been sitting in front of me. Ever since she woke me up for a bad reason and made me freak out about being late for work, Samantha has been following me all around the house, waiting for me to say that I forgive her for the mistake. Even now, she’s just sitting right in front of me while I’m laying in bed like I should be on the weekend.

I cross my arms and try to look behind her; she’s blocking the T.V, but I’m pretty sure she’s doing this so I have to focus on her. When I lean to one side, she mirrors me. I’m honestly not mad. I’m just acting like I’m annoyed to tease her for a bit.

I sigh and roll my eyes, “I can’t see the show, Sam.”

Anytime she thinks I’m mad at her, Sam always puts on this cutesy act to try and win me over. She starts off with having her bright orange hair fanned out around her. She sits on her knees with her hands folded on her lap and looks right at me with those lively, brown eyes shining in my face. She even puts on a pout to bring it all together.

“But I said I’m sorry, Alex! How much longer are you going to stay mad at me?”

“Until I feel like I’m done being mad.”

“But, how long is that gonna be?”

I shrug and look away from her, “Not sure. Few minutes to a few days.”

“Aww, come on!”

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