Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Daylight Savings

I love teasing her; she lets her childish side out with the way she acts sometimes. She throws herself at me and drops her head onto my lap, curling up on me like she’s some kind of kitten. She even looks up right at me and makes her eyes as big as possible.

“Pretty please?”

She’s really upping her style today; she’s using her cuteness to her advantage. And it’s working. Just looking at her is making my heart race.

I shake my head and look at her. I can feel my face getting red. I can’t tease her anymore.

“Damn it, you win. I’ll stop being mad.”

Samantha stops doing that big eye thing and just looks up at me with an even bigger smile. As a sign of an apology, I lightly pat her on the head and smile back at her. I can never stay mad at her whenever she’s like this. I just hope she remembers to change back the clocks in the house. Because if I really am late to work this week, I’ll really be mad.

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