Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Was Flirting on the List?

High shelves tower over the both of us; we either have to jump or use a step ladder to reach something if it’s on the top shelf. For now, we settle for the things within our reach, and we’ll consider if those items on top are essential at this current moment.

“Let’s take that. Oh, we need some of this. And we can’t forget that one, too.”

I slowly bring myself out of my imagination and back to reality: I’ve been walking around, pushing a shopping cart with Samantha for a little while. If a stranger walked by is, they would think that we have such an expansive list of items because our cart looks so full. After making me an English copy of the shopping list, I noticed that there were only a handful of things we needed.

In reality, only about half of the things that are on the shopping list are in the cart. The rest of the thing we have inside are just things Sam grabbed off the shelves as we were walking around.

Sam rushes ahead down the current isle we’re in and I stop to look around at the things we have inside, “Sugar, sodas, a lot of cereal. I swear, she’s gonna lose her teeth soon.” I start walking down the isle again to catch up with Sam, “You know you’re gonna get a cavity soon with all of this stuff you’re putting in the cart, right?”

Sam looks back at me for a moment, the focuses on the shelves again, “I’ve been eating a whole lot of sugar ever since I was little and my teeth were perfect. If I didn’t get a cavity then, I won’t be getting one any time soon.”

Cavity’s don’t work like that, but okay.

As I’m walking down the isle, I found a few things on the list and put them into the cart. When I catch up to Sam, I pull her over and we go over the list one last time.

“Okay, so we got this, this, and that. The only thing missing are the things we’ll find in the frozen section all the way on the other end of the market, and the other things we need are in the international isle.”

I have a good idea of everything else we need, so this should be wrapping up quickly. As long as somebody, mainly Sam, doesn’t get sidetracked, we’ll be alright. Let’s get the things we need and go.

Sam walks out of the isle we’re in and starts looking around at the different signs for the isles. When she focuses on one a few rows down, her entire face lights up and a giant smile takes over her face.

“Oh my God, there’s a Japanese snack isle! Will they have the stuff like they have back home?!”

She rushes off down the isles, the sound of her heels clicking against the tile floors. I take a moment to think and let out a sigh, knowing that I’ll have to finish up the shopping by myself. I should have expected this to happen though.

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