Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Was Flirting on the List?

I finish up in the isle and take my time exploring the next few isles for the items we actually came for instead of a bunch of random junk. When I get into the next isle, I ask one of the grocery workers where I can find a few of the items on my list; he eagerly helps me out and finds them for me. I try to walks away, but he ends up following me through the isle, trying to talk to me.

When I first asked for his help, I didn’t really notice what he looked like, but now that he’s actually trying to get my attention, I focus on him a bit. He’s easily no older than seventeen years old. His shaggy, blonde hair, big green eyes and red store apron makes him look like a character from a 70’s cartoon. When he speaks, his voice cracks just a bit, so he must be almost done with puberty.

“I-Is there anything else you need help with, Ma’am?” he politely asks.

I put on a small smile and shake my head, “No, that’s about it. I can handle the rest from here. Thank you.”

I pick up the pace a bit with the shopping cart, but I can hear his footsteps just a few feet behind me. He tries so hard to continue having a conversation with me. His voice gets a bit higher when he asks his questions.

“So, what brings you here?”

“I’m buying groceries and things for my house.”

“Oh, that’s cool. I’ve been working here a few months.”

At this point, my answers come out a bit sarcastically, but he easily doesn’t notice, “You don’t say?”

Without realizing it, we ended up in front of the snacks isle. I try to turn into it to get away from him, but he quickly slides in front of me like some kind of cool kid from a cheap 90’s teenager movie.

“So, if you ever want the exclusive deals to save a few bucks, just come find me.”

He shoots me a wink and goes to lean against a neatly stacked pile of boxes for the display floor. Looks like the boxes were empty, as he ends up crashing into the boxes and breaking the display and getting stuck inside one of them.

I shake my head and continue into the isle, “Teenagers.”

In the middle of the isle, I see Sam carefully looking over a row of snacks and walk up to her.

“How’s it going in your search for the snacks?”

She has her finger on her lip and keeps looking at the shelf as she talks, “I’m having an issue. I can’t decide between ‘Extra Fiery BBQ’ flavor or ‘Double Wasabi.’”

I look at the shelf and have even more trouble to than her about making the decision; every single snack is written in Japanese and has a bunch of different items in different colors. I can’t even figure out where which brand ends and where another one starts.

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