Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Was Flirting on the List?

Just looking at the foreign sections is starting to give me a headache, “I’m pretty sure I’m useless at helping you decide based on reading the ingredients.”

She puffs up her cheeks and grabs two different colored bags of chips from the shelf, taking turns examining each of them. She lets out a loud groan and waves her hands around, “I dunno which one to get now!”

“Why not just buy one bag this time and buy the other bag next time?”

Sam keeps looking at the bags, then turns her attention to me; she puts on her best impression of a sad child’s face doing the whole lip thing.

Damn it, I can’t say “no” to that face. I’m going to regret this later.

I put on a stern expression, take both bags of chips, and put them in the cart, “You owe me big time. Come on, we’re going to one last isle before checkout.”

That sad face quickly changes into pure joy, “Thank you, Alex!”

I lightly wave off her thanks and turn around to walk out of the isle. Sam starts walking behind me, but then comes to an abrupt stop.

“Oh! I almost forgot something.”

“Well, hurry up. We’re almost done here.”

I walk up a bit when I hear rushing footsteps coming from behind me. I look back and see Sam carrying an entire basket full of Japanese snacks.

“… What’s all that?”

“My snacks.”

You’ve got to be kidding?

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