Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – I’ll Clean Another Day

Nothing’s better than smelling the faint scent of lavender floor cleaner mixed in with warm water splashed all over. The snow white tiles shine so brightly after a nice coat and just gleam when sunlight touches it. And when you’re wearing a pair of freshly laundered socks, you can slide across the floor as if you were one ice. Most people would think that’s the best part about having a clean floor.

But for me, it isn’t. It’s something else.

Still stuck wearing my pink and white over-sized pajama top and my brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, I walk through the living room and lean on the back of the couch, looking down at Alexis knocked out on the couch.

She has one of her legs thrown over the back of the couch and the other hanging off of the couch with a book covering her face. I gently poke her in the cheeks, but she doesn’t respond.

“Hey Alexis,” I whisper to her, “are you awake?”

No response. The only thing I hear is the sound of Alexis’ muffled breathing. I grin a little bit and I lean over to plant a small kiss on her forehead, “I’ll let you sleep.”

I tip-toe away from the couch and head into the kitchen, the main stage for what’s about to unfold. The perfect stage for day needs some moving room, so I push the dining table out to the living room, trying not to be too loud with the table legs dragging on the floor; I’ll scuff out the marks when I’m done.

Space requirement met, I go over to the little supply closet next to the counter tops and take out a nice sized bucket. But something’s missing.

I flip the bucket upside down just to see if anything will fall out, “Huh. They’re not here? Where the hell did I put them?”

I could have sworn that I put them back in the bucket after last time… Maybe if I dig a bit deeper into the closet.

I drop the bucket behind me and start digging through the assortment of cleaning supplies in the little kitchen supply closet. Mops, a few towels and cleaning rags, bottles of chemicals that could kill a person if they drank it, but I don’t see what I need.

“Where the hell did I put my scrub brush skates?!”

I slam the closet closed and start checking the cabinets underneath the sink; nothing but cooking pots and pans for dinner tonight. The rule is, every time I’m done cleaning the floor, I always put the supplies back into the closet for next time. But apparently, I didn’t put them back last time.

Frustration starts to take over as I let out a loud sigh and scratch the back of my head, “I don’t wanna buy a new set! I just got them not too long ago too…”

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