Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – I’ll Clean Another Day


“Can you get off me?”

I open my eyes again and completely forgot that I straddled Alexis around her hips. I look down at her for a moment, then realize that I’m actually feeling a bit comfortable like this.

“Can I stay like this for a bit?”

Still tired and starting to get annoyed, Alexis lets out a little sigh, “Why? Weren’t you just in such a rush to find your cleaning stuff?”

“I was.”

“And now you’re not?”

“Nope.” I put on a small smile and lay down on top of Alexis, resting my head right on her chest. “I’ll do it tomorrow when you go to work.”

I can tell Alexis is a bit disappointed in me by the way she shakes her head, but I don’t take it to mind. She ends up just patting me on the head and closes her eyes, “You know, this is why you never finish things. You always decide to wait until tomorrow. That’s probably why your skates weren’t in the closet.”


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