Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – I’ll Clean Another Day

“What’re you lookin’ for…?”

Surprised, I quickly turn around and see Alexis sitting up. I think she’s half asleep because her eyes are only half way open, but she’s looking right at me.

I wave at her, “Hey! Did I wake you?”

“You’re throwing stuff out of the closet and onto the floor… Of course you woke me.”

“Whoops. Sorry. Oh! Since you’re awake, I need you help on something.”

Alexis let out a really loud yawn and rubs her eyes, “Make it quick, I was getting to the good part of my dream?”

“You wouldn’t happen to know where my cleaning skates are, would you?”

Alexis gives me a long, cold stare before laying back on the couch. I rush over to the couch and lean over to keep talking to her, “Come, Alexis! I need to know where my skates are!”

“Why can’t you use a regular mop to clean the floors? That’s what I do.”

I flair my arms around in rejection and let out a little squeal, “Because that’s boring! Who wants to move a stick back and forth all day long just to clean a floor? Besides, my way is faster AND entertaining.”

Alexis doesn’t fully understand the fun a person can have when they’re cleaning the right way; having your feet strapped to a pair of deck brush bristles and just started skating away on a soapy floor! It’s like you’re ice skating in a sea of clouds!

I climb over the back of the couch and fall right into Alexis’ lap. I start gently pounding on her chest to make sure my point gets across, “Help me find my skates!”

“Did you check the bathroom?”

. Huh? Why would I check the bathroom?

“Why would I check the bathroom?”

“Remember last night after you took a bath you wanted to clean out the tub?”

… After a quick refresh in my mind, a quick flashback of last night comes back to me. After I was finished bathing, I came downstairs and grabbed my supplies to clean the tub. But something stopped me from putting everything back. What was it?

I fold my arms and close my eyes to try and visualize everything that happened last night, “What did I do…?”

“Hey, Sam?”

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