Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Creepy Crawly in the Attic (Part 1)

Hmm… Hmmmm… Hmmmmmm… How am I going to get around this?

Barely only light shining into the room; the light coming from the hallway down the step latter behind me gives me just enough to work in here. The lack of clean air puts a strain on my lungs, so I have to stick my head out of the opening in the floor to catch my breath every once in a while. My clothes went from being a nice and crisp white long sleeve shirt to having stripes of gray from the blood of my enemies.

I can feel a twitching sensation traveling through my nose, Damn it, I’m gonna, I’m gonna–


“I swear, this dust is gonna be the death of me…”

As much as I like cleaning the house to make it nice and spotless, there’s one room I absolutely hate doing: the attic. It’s even worse since I decided to start cleaning it while Alexis is at work, so I have to go at it alone. But I know that if I do a good job at it, Alexis will definitely have to praise me and get me something as a thank you gift!

Determined to make sure I get that gift, I beat on my chest to get pumped up and throw my hands into the air, “I will make this place spotless!”

I want that gift!

Bright smile on my face, I look around the entire attic. It’s mostly filled with stacks of boxes but there are some leftover furniture from when her parents owned the house. Alexis told me the story about how she got this house all to herself, but that will be saved for another day. Boxes, old furniture, and an artificial Christmas tree thrown in the corner, I start moving everything around to make a clear path from the step latter to the back of the attic.

Thankfully there hasn’t been any incidents up here, so all of the boxes are in good condition except for some having a light layer of dust on top. I try my best not to get any more dust on my shirt, but it’s pointless. I’ll just have to throw it in the wash later.

One after another, I start checking the contents of each box: nothing but old clothes, holiday decorations, and some leftover things from Alexis’ parents that they’re probably never gonna come back to get. After a quick break and some sorting, the entire attic seems a lot bigger. We could probably turn it into another room if we wanted.

“I wonder if there are any outlets up here? I could probably turn this place into a secret gaming room… Put the entire set up right against that wall, have a mini fridge right next to it and a swiveling chair to top it all off.”

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