Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Creepy Crawly in the Attic (Part 1)

As I’m picking up another box, I start to think about the tiny game set up I had back home that me and my sister had to share between us. I’ve spent so many hours going head-to-head with her in just about every game we had. Thinking about it makes me wonder if I could have that same passion with Alexis? Then again, me and my sister would get so heated, we would go an entire week without speaking. I should reconsider doing that with Alexis.

Getting back to the task at hand, I head over to a pile of boxes to put this one down, but as soon as I take a step, I feel something heavy crash on top of my big toe; I end up tossing the box and getting down to check my toe.

I take a deep breath to hold back from yelling, “Goddamn it, that hurt! What the hell hit my toe?!” Next to my foot is a little wooden toy train, “What the hell was inside that box?!”

I limp over and check the box. Turns out it was a collection of some infant toys.

These must have belong to Alexis when she was little. Looks like her child life sucked without video games. Kinda feel bad for her now.

Curiosity takes over and I start getting intrigued by the little set up. As I’m trying to set up a track something small starts crawling on my hand; I don’t pay it too much mind and just shake my hand thinking it’s some dust got stuck to me. But the feeling doesn’t go away. I flip my hand over… and completely lose my shit.

This little bastard snuck its way out of the box, moved through the field of wooden train tracks, and decided to make itself comfortable right on top of my hand. It’s tiny, tiny eyes looks dead at me like it’s looking straight into my soul. I can feel it’s legs pricking their way across my skin and it’s sending an endless stream of chills down my back. It even matches the same color of the dust, so nobody would even expect it to be there.

I let out the loudest scream I possibly could as if I was being murdered, “SPIDER!”

Creepy, crawly, multiple leg little bastard! Get off of me you spawn of the devil!

During my raging panic, I try to sweep the spider off of my hand but it seems like he knew this was going to happen all along. He somehow jumps over my sweeping hand and latches itself to my shirt, landing right on my boob. As much as I like this top, I don’t think I can wear it again after knowing it’s been stained by the touch of a spider.

Sacrificing the shirt for my life, I quickly take it off and throw it towards the box, “Keep the shirt!”

My mind is telling me that I should pick up something to kill it, but the thought of having to clean up spider guts is preventing me from doing so. All I can do now is escape—in a bra and a pair of blue jeans—with my life.

In a brief moment of adrenaline, I dash over to the step ladder that leans back into the house, slam that ladder door shut and hope for Alexis to come back from work as soon as possible.

— Continued in Part 2

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