I never imagined that I would be spending an entire day to myself with Kaori-Senpai… I’m trying so hard not to freak out right now, but I can’t help it. My heart’s about to explode!

Nagisa Tsuda’s dream ever since entering high school was to graduate in the top ten of her class and become popular within the student body. She’s had dream about passing every test and exam with flying colors and easily becoming part of a large friend circle where they all spent their free time together. However, these were only dreams.

Nagisa’s timid and shy personality made it easy for her to blend into the crowd; she would sit in the back row of the classroom and would barely raise her hand to give the solution to a question that was on the board. And when she did speak, she would be randomly picked out of the class; her soft voice would tremble even if she just had to say one word. Her hair is always well kept and neat, except for a single strand of black hair that stuck up on its own and a large bang that covered both of her eyes.

“Hey, Tsuda-San?”

Hearing her name being called out snaps Nagisa out of her embarrassed train of thought; her plain, brown eyes blink quickly for a moment before she brings her attention to her upperclassman, her senpai.

The crystal blue eyes of Nagisa’s senpai are staring right at her. With short, curly brunette hair that seems to bounce on its own, Kaori Inou patiently stares at Nagisa.

“You alright?” Kaori asks. “You’ve been spacing out a lot today. You want to call it quits for today?”

Fearing that she may never get another chance to spend a day with Kaori, Nagisa can’t control her sudden outburst, “N-No! I-I’m fine!” I’m not letting this moment slip away from me!

Seeing the sudden burst of enthusiasm from the usual shy Nagisa made Kaori chuckle just a bit. Embarrassment takes over as Nagisa’s cheeks quickly changes from a subtle peach color to a rosy red. She notices her reflection in the store front window behind Kaori and looks at it; although she had planned out what she was going to wear day before, she had a change of heart and put on an over-sized blue sweater and a plain white skirt that reached below her knees.

In comparison to her laid pack style, Kaori was rather dressed up for a casual outing. She has on a pink one-piece, frilly spring dress that fans out right around her thighs and a thin, yellow button up jacket. Kaori’s height made the dress seem shorter than it really is, but knowing her, she most likely had on a pair of spats shorts underneath.

I look like a mess standing next to her… She looks like a princess walking down the street next to a peasant.

Nagisa let out a mental sigh as she whispers, “Why…?”

“Why what?” Kaori replies.

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