“Why are you spending your day off with me…?”

Confused, Kaori crosses her arms and keeps her eyes on Nagisa, “Why? Because I wanted to get to know you. Is that a bad thing?”

Nagisa stays silent for a moment and shakes her head. Even though Nagisa’s dream is to become good friends with numerous of students from her school, she ever imagined that one of them would be the most popular senpai in the entire school. Just thinking about it brings a slow wave of sadness as if she’s not the kind of person who deserves to know somebody like Kaori.

“You’re the most desired person in the entire school. Just about every guy in school has their eyes on you and even the girls are making fan clubs about you. There are people who actually deserve your time and effort…”

A tinge of sadnesshits Kaori right in her heart; she invited Nagisa out on the town in order to learn more about her, not hear about the others at school. “Is that what you really think, Tsuda-San?”

“Yes. Besides, I don’t know why somebody like you would want to focus on a nobody like me. Nobody ever notices me anyway…”

Kaori looks into the store front mirror, taking a long, hard look at both herself and Nagisa. She lets out a deep sigh before grabbing Nagisa by the hand. The sudden action caught Nagisa off guard and she starts blushing even more, looking up at her senpai.


“I noticed you the day I first saw you eating alone during our lunch break.”

Huh? She actually noticed me…?

Carefully sliding her hands down to Nagisa’s waist, Kaori holds her close as they both look straight into the mirror.

“The first time I saw you was sometime last month,” Kaori begins speaking. “It was around lunch break and everybody were at their desks sitting with friends, talking and eating. I was sitting by the window when I looked out and saw you sitting by yourself underneath one of the trees in the walkway between the school buildings.”

Even though they’re not looking directly at each other, Nagisa can feel Kaori’s gaze on her through the reflection in the window; all she can do is divert her eyes down so that she doesn’t have to see her senpai.


“When I was looking out of the window, I kept thinking to myself about why you would be eating alone. Maybe you weren’t feeling good and just needed some quiet time? Could it be that you would rather eat outside for the fresh air? A few things ran around in my head. But there was one thing that really confused me.”

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