“What was it?”

Just thinking about it causes Kaori’s cheeks to flush red a bit; she clears her throat and tires to put on a straight face as she speaks, but her voice comes out as a simple mumble.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” Nagisa says. “What did you say?”

Kaori speaks again, but it comes out as another mumble.

“I can’t hear you, Senpai.”

“I was confused about why a cute girl like you is alone!”

Those words replayed in Nagisa’s head over and over again as quickly turned around to face Kaori directly. Embarrassment takes over Kaori’s face; her entire face is red and she has her eyes closed with her cheeks puffed up. Seeing her senpai act so childish brought a small smile to Nagia’s face, letting out a long string of chuckles and giggles.

It looks like even Kaori-Senpai gets embarrassed too.

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