Wings, But No Hands

“Don’t look at me, idiot!”

We return to the fated duo, Mr. Takiyama and his current living partner, a young harpy. Ever since their last incident with the glass paneling to the yard and her flying lessons, they have been getting better acquainted with one another, learning about each other and their background. Mr. Takiyama shared that he’s a simply financial adviser who’s able to work from home most of his busy schedule.

Being called an idiot by his roommate, Mr. Takiyama raises his hands and says, “But there’s nothing to be ashamed about, Rei. It’s something I’ve seen as a kid a bunch of times.”

Rei, the orange winged harpy who lives with Mr. Takiyama, finally decided to share her human name with him after days of distrust and uneasiness. As for her harpy name given after she hatched, she told him once, but he quickly forgot it as it couldn’t pronounce it correctly.

Nonetheless, today’s another embarrassing moment for Rei. Being a harpy, she still has to go through the same events that any kind of avian creature must go through. All across her feathery body, spotted patches of a rosy red appeared where her normal orange feathers use to be.

“I don’t care what you say,” Rei shouts, quickly glancing at Mr. Takiyama for a moment. “Whenever you’ve seen it, it was just a regular bird who can’t even talk!” Feeling a bit stiff, Rei shakes her tail, causing a small fluff of feather to fall out, “Damn it, I hate molting!”

Ignoring her request, Mr. Takiyama patiently sits on the couch and keeps watching Rei, pointing out the spots where the new feathers are growing, I’ve seen small birds molt before, but seeing a harpy do it is pretty interesting. They’re pretty much part person, part bird.

Enthralled with his first viewing of a harpy’s molting cycle, Mr. Takiyama slowly strokes his beard as he keeps his eyes glued to Rei. Through her wild shaking to try and loosen up, more and more feather start to fall off around her body, mostly the ones protecting her more humanly assets, her breasts and backside. Quickly turning around before any other feathers fall off, he takes a deep breath and whispers, “Better turn away before even more falls off…”

“You said something?”


Feeling like she’s being lied to, Rei quickly turns around and notices that he really isn’t looking at her. She squints for a moment then turns around full, letting out a sigh and lowering her aggressive tone, “Sorry, sorry. I’m just not use to having somebody else besides a harpy seeing me molt.”

“Does this mean it’s okay if I look at you while we’re talking right now?”

“Fine, fine.”

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