Wings, But No Hands

Hesitant, Mr. Takiyama glances out of the corner of his eye, managing to catch Rei in his line of sight. However, side from just seeing her, he was able to see that more feathers fell of around Rei’s breasts, so he brings himself back to looking away, “Actually, never mind.”

Rei shrugs, “Whatever.”

“So, you said you’re molting, right?”

“Yeah. I do it about once a year to get rid of dead feathers or to replace missing ones.” Looking around the living room, she notices that full feathers of ranging lengths are scattered all around, many of them looking dry and brittle, “It’s a good thing I don’t have a plucking problem or I would have been completely featherless.”

One thing pops into Mr. Takiyama’s mind, That would be a whole lot worse, not only for you, but for me… I’d never be able to make eye contact with you ever again.

Assessing the situation, Rei takes a look at some of the patches on her wings and tries to fly up just a few few off of the ground. After just a few seconds and a shaking landing, she stops her foot and groans loudly, “Damn it, I can’t fly like this.”

Seizing the opportunity, Mr. Takiyama grins at Rei and says, “I guess you can say that you’ve been ‘grounded.’”

“… I’m gonna rip your throat out with my talons while you’re sleeping for making a pun like that.”

“You gave me the perfect stet-up, blame yourself. Besides, you’re going to need my help a lot more since you can’t fly for the time being.”

Rei gives Mr. Takiyama a long glare then looks at her molting wings, “I don’t have a choice. Until I can fly, I’m gonna need you to help me out a bit more. Just don’t get any funny ideas since I’m going to be relying on you more than usual.”

“You’re already living in my house and eating whenever I cook. I’m pretty sure you’re relying on me a lot for now.”

“Oh shut up. The first thing you can do to help me out is helping me keep warm.”

Mr. Takiyama thinks for a moment before getting up and walking to a nearby closet, “I think I have an old shirt that could fit you.”

Following right behind, Rei walks up to the closet and waits. After some rummaging around, Mr. Takiyama manages to find a small white tank top from his younger years.

He turns around to pass it to Rei, “Here you go.”

Annoyed with having to repeat herself, she stares at the tank top, then at Mr. Takiyama.

“What’s wrong? Don’t like it?”

“I can’t put it on.”


Rei sticks her wings out and shakes them in front of Mr. Takiyama’s face, “I. HAVE. NO. HANDS. How do you expect me to put this on without hands?”

A sudden realization hits Mr. Takiyama like a pile of bricks, “You mean I’ll have to help dress you?!”

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