On-Call Sharp Shooter (Part Two)

Damn, how long is it gonna be before Kaneko comes back? Screw it, I’m going in.

I only came here for one thing and it shouldn’t have taken this long to get it done. I suppose it was partly my fault for waiting for a receptionist, but at the same time, it’s partly her fault for not being at the desk, so its fifty-fifty. Done waiting around, I push off of the desk and shoulder my rifle again, heading for the door to the office. Before I can even grab the doorknob, it slowly creeks open to a stunning image and a familiar scent.

A strong, but calming smell of blue raspberry candy breezes past my nose, making me wish I had some to snack on. The room’s quite big, housing a desk with a bunch of documents and folders scattered all along the top. The windows are blocked by thick black drapes that makes the ceiling lighting seem like the sun’s blinding natural light. Of course, that’s call I can see around the barrel of a standard nine millimeter pistol in my face.

I let out a sigh and shrug, feeling disappointed that this is even happening, “You know, we really need to stop meeting like this. It’s not polite to point a gun in somebody’s face.” Done with the business scenery, I focus my attention on the person aiming the gun between my eyes.

Her hair’s a bright blonde that looks like the sun during the day, reaching all the way down to her slim waistline. Her legs are slender and dressed in a thin layer of black leggings that compliment her gray knee length skirt. Her stainless white blouse top is covered in frills all around the corner and the cuffs that end just above her wrists, but her pink bra still pokes out a bit in the middle.

After staring at me for a moment, she lets out a sigh too and withdraws her gun, using it to adjust her blue framed glasses, “I thought somebody tried to hold this place up. You should have told me you were coming so that way I could have gave everybody a heads up.”

Yumiko Hanasegawa, my boss. She’s the main person I get all of my assignments from. She’s been my boss for the last three years after she moved up the ranks and replaced the idiot that was in her position before. I forgot his name, but all I know is his info checking was terrible for my line of work. I honestly forgot about him ever since Yumiko came into place.

When she mentions the office workers, I look back at them for a moment and raise my eyebrow, “You would think that they’d be use to me crashing into this place by now. They all use to be so chill about it.”

“You forgot that we were given an entirely new staff, didn’t you?”

“… Maybe.” That explains why people were preparing for an earthquake drill underneath their desks. Whoops. I turn back and looks at Yumiko, “You’ll make sure they realize that I’m one of them, right?”

She waves her hand and turns to walk to her desk, “Whatever. Just make sure you apologize to the guy you shot. Now, get your ass in here. I have another job for you tonight.”

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