On-Call Sharp Shooter (Part Two)

“What?!” I yell as I slam the door behind me when entering the room. “The only reason why I even came here was to complain about my last job!”

Yumiko ties her hair into a ponytail as she adjusts her desk chair, “What the hell happened with the last job? Did Takeo get away? Do I need to send a clean-up crew?”

“No. And if I needed a clean-up crew, I would have called it in beforehand.”

With a dumbfounded look, Yumiko props her red stilettos up on top of her desk next to her work computer, “Alright, so what’s the problem?”

I pull a chair from one of the walls and place it in front of me, sitting on it backwards so I can rest my chest on the back, “It took too long. It was suppose to take fifteen, twenty minutes tops to kill the guy. I was there for almost an hour!”

“It was your decision to take the sniper route and wait out on a rooftop for a clear shot. You could have easily went into wherever Takeo was, blast him in the face, then walk out of there without an issue.” She ducks underneath her desk after she finishes talking.

I roll my eyes and start rocking my chair back and forth, “I didn’t feel like doing too much work. Besides, I managed to kill time with a little sight-seeing with my scope, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

When she reappears, she has three things in her hands. In one hand, she has a small can of my favorite imported beer placed on top of a thin tan folder. In the other, a single lollipop candy stick. She places the folder and beer can on her desk and wraps her tongue around the lollipop. It’s time to get serious.

The casual air seems to fade away the instant I saw the folder. The atmosphere wasn’t too heavy due to the fact that the smell of blueberries became even stronger once Yumiko started using her tongue skills and went to town on that poor candy stick. Most job briefings are exactly what the word implies: brief. I typically find any answers to any questions I may have typed up in the short job description inside the folder. If it was a much more serious matter, things would have been a bit different.

I pick up the beer and crack it open, watching the building suds and foam slowly ooze out, “So, am getting paid extra for the sudden job tonight?”

“I already pushed through to your account. Once you let me know when you finished the job, it’ll be available for you to use.”

“What cha got me doing?”

In a simple display of strength, Yumiko crushes the small lollipop with her tongue and catches the pieces before they have a chance to even fall. She gives me a sly smile and chuckles, “You’ll have a lot more fun if you read it for yourself. Considering how you go about it, you may even end up with a bonus.”

Hearing some words that raises some interest in m upcoming job, I give a little nod and start drinking my beer. I don’t even bother picking up the folder; I just slide my free hand across the top of it and flip the folder open. Before I even start reading over the job description, my eyes focus on the location, making me spit out a bit of beer when my excitement comes out.

“I’m going to a strip-club?!”

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