Healer By Trade [18+]

The clock reads “6:32 PM.” That’s probably her coming through the door.

“Fuck this job!”

Yep, it’s her.

Between the quick bursts of swearing and loud groans, I already know who walked through the front door of the apartment.

Stretching before I go back to the keyboard, I rapidly type a small message before logging out for the night, “G2G, the Mrs is Xtra stressed 2nite. We resume 2morrow.”

I click a few different tabs on the top of the screen and watch as the game screen fades out and takes me back to the wallpaper of my computer. I get up from my seat, drop my headphones down, and walk out from the bedroom into the hallway.

I peek around the first corner to look into the kitchen, “Baby, you alright? You came in like a raging demon.”

On the other side of the kitchen a black high heel goes flying across crashes into the pile of laundry on the floor. I keep my head down and crouch when I peek around the next corner, which leads into the living room. Clothes are tossed around on the tile flooring, a bright blue handbag is left hanging on a small hook by the front door, and my redhead of a girlfriend is lying face down on our cream colored loveseat.

“Baby, how did work go?” I calmly ask as I carefully sit on her back. “Did a co-worker make a mistake on something?”

Lucia speaks all muffled through the seat cushion, “I’m not getting paid enough to deal with other peoples’ bullshit.”

“Feel like talking about it?”

Lucia stays quiet for a moment. I can hear the honking of early evening traffic jams blaring through our windows. When I feel Lucia’s shoulder blades shifting underneath me I quickly get back to my feet and props herself up, letting out a blaring sound of her own.

“Shut the fuck up. God, I hate living in the city.”

It pains me whenever I see her get so worked up. Normally, she’s just easy-going and laid back, but when her job stresses her out enough she turns into a totally different person. Her beautiful tan skin seems to turn red like some kind of devil from hell. Her angelic voice shrieks with a demon’s tongue. She’ll even chuck something light across the room just to help relieve a bit of stress. When she gets like this, I just want to find a way to help rid her of this anger as quickly as possible.

Lucia’s face is stuck in an angry look when she locks eyes with me. She quickly changes to a regretful frown, lets out a deep sigh, and sits up completely, “I didn’t mean for you to shut up. I’m sorry.”

I give her a warm smile. I know she didn’t mean to say that to me, “It’s alright, baby.” I plant a quick kiss on her heated cheek to accept her apology.

She looks back at me and chuckles, shaking her head, “Work just has me under more stress lately.”

“What’s been happening?”

“One of our bosses fired the main editorial leader recently after finding out they were secretly working for a rival publishing company and was passing off some of our work to them. So I got stuck in the middle and had to start editing a shit ton of articles ever since. Today just pushed me over my boiling point.”

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