Healer By Trade [18+]

Lucia doesn’t even respond to my comment. She’s too busy letting out small moans under her breath. I keep up the massage on her back when I notice the little tag of a zipper just above her waist. I slide my hips back a bit and see the entire length of the zipper, starting from Lucia’s hip and ending halfway down her thighs. With one hand focused on giving the massage, the other hand carefully unzips the dress, getting a nice handful of Lucia’s firm ass for a grab. The bottom of the dress wide open, looking like the back of a hospital patient’s medical gown, I can’t help but feel blessed when I see her bright purple panties all bunched up between her cheeks.

I did offer a full body massage. That means every part of her body needs to be checked for knots and tension. And I plan on making sure these hands do just that.

With each hand firmly grasping her cheeks I move onto the next section of the massage, taking more time and effort into making sure Lucia feels every motion and grip. Slow moving circles, deep tissues presses, and firm grabs, her moans become a bit drawn out, but they become louder and louder in volume as time goes on.

Just to make sure she’s feeling fine, I lean over a bit to get a look at her face and ask, “Baby, how are you feeling? Am I doing it too hard?”

Lucia turns her face, allowing me to see her ecstasy covered smile. In-between her moans she manages to say the words, “Hot, lower, harder.”

With a nod I give into her request. With a good slap across her ass, I smack her cheeks around for a bit, each slap making her gasp out. After just five slaps or so, small, red marks start appearing in the shape of the palm of my hand.

Her hips slowly rise and she arches her back down as she cries out, “Kat, Kat. Stop teasing me already!”

To my surprise, Lucia’s a lot further in a hazy pleasure mindset than I thought. With her ass up in the air, she reaches back and frantically pulls down her panties, nearly tearing a hole in the middle of them. Her fingers starting going wild, doing a fast massage session on her bright pink clit. Just watching her a few inches away is more than enough for me to start playing with my own.

Letting lust be the only thing on her mind Lucia grabs her ass and spreads her cheeks wide, giving me a clear view at the leaking, throbbing pussy that eagerly waits for its turn at a massage.

“Kat, it’s been two weeks. How much longer are you going to keep me waiting? Don’t you want to help relive me of some stress?”

Two girls in a room, one of them practically half naked, and the other more than happy to be of service. How can I say no to such a beautiful site when my girlfriend is already in her favorite position?

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