Healer By Trade [18+]

“Why did they pick you to be the editor for now?”

“Most of my articles have been pretty solid lately, so he figured I would be a nice fill-in.” Lucia runs her long fingers through her hair and takes out the tightly pulled ponytail. “I don’t even get paid to do this much editing, so it’s just overwhelming, you know?”

It’s good to see Lucia starting to calm down so quickly. It’s never a good sight when you see your significant other storm into the house, especially when everything was all nice and quiet beforehand. However, it’s always a good idea to take things a bit further just to make sure they’ve really calmed all the way.

I scoot myself closer and straddle myself onto Lucia’s lap, facing her and gently start kneading her stiff, overworked shoulders, “It’s never good to be under this much pressure. You start to feel it emotionally and physically. And to me, I’m feeling too much pent up anger all in your joints.”

Light groans and moans are all Lucia lets out as she lets me ease some of the rage she wants to let loose. Eyes closed and letting her head rest against the back of the loveseat, I can see her entire body just relax; her shoulders drop down, her hips slide down in the seat, and her legs stretch out beneath me. Once her shoulders are finally back to their soft touch I let my hands travel down her and help release the tension in her arms.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a massage. I can’t remember the last time I let somebody run their hands along my body like this.”

“We’ll technically, it’s been about a week and a half since somebody ran their hands along you.” I focus on Lucia’s relaxed face and can’t help but wink at her even though she can’t see it, “That somebody being me specifically.”

Lucia’s eyes fly open, probably at the realization at how much time as passed, “Shit, you’re right. Damn, it’s been like two weeks now that I think about it. That’s a major reason why I’m so stressed. I didn’t get laid recently.”

With a sudden sensation passing through her arm, Lucia let out a loud moan of pure bliss as I manage to take out a small knot in her muscles. She shakes her head and laughs, saying that a deep massage would be more than enough to compensate for the lack of a sexual release. The thrill of exploring each other’s bodies, wrapping our bodies together in a sweaty, steamy embrace, our lips puckered and kissing all over. Lucia thinks that a massage would be enough to hold off that burning desire for her, but I sure as hell know I need to be played with, especially after playing online all night. Besides, sex would be a good way for her to get out some stress.

With my motive clear I offer to give Lucia a full body massage, starting with her back and working my way down. She readily accepts and lies down across the couch. I climb on top and lightly place myself on her lower back, her bare back exposed from the open back of her black and white work dress. I crack my knuckles before I begin.

“You wearing that new strapless bra you bought online?” I ask as I notice no strap marks along Lucia’s smooth back.

“Yeah. It more or less did its purpose. It held my titties up all day. Only had to readjust it once. I only wore it just because of this dress.”

I add a bit more pressure in my hand motions, “It would be a bit of a fashion killer if your bra strap was showing on a backless dress.”

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