Don’t You Remember? (Part Three) [18+]

Everything around me felt so warm and comfortable, my arms and legs wrapped in some kind of fluffy substance and there’s some kind of heaviness pressing down onto my chest. There’s wasn’t a single pull of tension coming from the dozens of muscles in my body. My entire being felt extra light for some reason, almost like I was resting on a cloud. The enveloping warmth that crept up on me could have been the sun if I was truly floating.

But as my eyes began to open reality slowly took over my dreaming mind and gave logical explanations to everything. The fluffy sensation was the large cotton blanket; it still had a lingering warmth from recently coming out from the laundry dryer. As for the heaviness it was just my cellphone, put on silent and stuck in an endless loop of internet videos.

Looks like I wasn’t sleeping in the clouds after all.

It took a bit before my senses fully kicked in. I picked up the faint smell of lavender surrounding my nose, a scent I’m all too familiar with. If the scent wasn’t enough, seeing the giant, maple-colored armoire closet across the room helped me realize that I was in my own bedroom. After last night, waking up in my own bed was a blessing in itself. And thankfully there’s no stranger lying next to me neither. As per my usual wake routine, I yawned as I went through my phone for any missed calls or messages: nothing.

Getting out of bed and a few stretches later I went scavenging through the kitchen to grab a small snack and got lazy on the living room couch. A good hour or two went by, as well as a quick finger session. I just couldn’t stop thinking about when Samuel fucked me in the bathroom a few nights ago. It started to make me wonder if I had a kink for watching myself in the mirror. I just had to test it when he gets in from work tonight. Just thinking about it made my panties soaked.

While I was getting into a move that aired on the T.V I got a call from Toni, asking me if I was busy. Ever since my “incident” I haven’t talked to Toni about it. I didn’t even tell her that I used her as an excuse. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure about how she’d react. We’ve been friends for over a decade and she’s always had my back as if we were blood sisters. We may be close, but she’ll still put me in my place when I’m out of line. I just wasn’t sure about what she’ll say about me waking up in another person’s bed.

I told her I was free and that she could come over.

* * * * *

“Hey, try this one next. I think you’re going to like this one more.”

“Hang on, hang on, I didn’t even finish the first glass you gave me.”

Though, to be honest, I wasn’t really tasting what she brought; I was just drinking whatever she poured into my glass. Ever since she walked through the front door my nerves just wouldn’t seem to chill. Hopefully more wine will help with that.

Toni pulled out the cork from the second bottle of wine. We barely went through half of the first one before she poured herself a glass. I took another sit of mine, the flavors barely touching my tongue.

Toni asked me with a smile, “How do you like it? One of the sales members are bringing in a few cases later this week. Has a nice buttery taste to it, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, it’s fine. Real buttery.”

“The producer has been in the industry for about ten years, but the winery has bee in the family for generations. They built a nice reputation for themselves.”

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