Don’t You Remember? (Part Three) [18+]

Anyways, the only solid thing I do remember from that night was waiting at the bar counter for Toni to arrive. After that, everything is still a blur. I hoped that talking to her would help kick start the rest of my memory to come back. There was only one way to find out.

I reached over the coffee table and poured myself another glass of wine before beginning, “I’d be lying if I said I remembered everything, mostly the late night stuff. Feel free to recap it for me.”

Toni matched me by finishing her current glass and pouring another, “How much do you remember?”

“I only remember sitting at the bar before you getting there.”


Embarrassed, I gave her a shrug and tried to hide my nervous smile behind more wine. I could almost see Toni’s breath when she let out a long, annoyed sigh.

“I swear, your lightweight alcoholic-ass is a pain sometimes.”

“Gee, sorry not all of us can pound back drink after drink like you can.”

“I may be thirty-six, but my liver is still twenty-two, and I love it. Regardless of what I did, you really did enjoy yourself that night. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you act so out of character.”

“Act out of character?” What could I have possibly done that was so out of character? Then again, the fact that I woke up in another woman’s bed would fit that idea. Of course, Toni would have known that yet. I pressed on asking about our night at Starlight. She told be that we tried this new layered shot called a Brain Hemorrhage. Considering the fact that I don’t remember that night, I’d say that the shot lived up to its name. I even had a killer hangover when I woke up, too.

She started talking about how we made some friends with a few other women that were at the club. It sounded like it was just one giant Girls’ Night Out party. It was all fun until Toni brought up the next thing that followed. Before going on Toni placed her glass on the coffee table and took out her cellphone, chuckling as her thumb slowly swiped across the screen.

“What so funny over there? You hiding something from me, bitch?”

Toni shot a mischievous look at me as she passed me her phone, “I should be the one asking you that, you ho.”

Part of me was extremely hesitant to look at the screen in the palm of my hand, so many more questions coming to mind. What could she possibly have saved on her phone? A video? Pictures? Regardless of what it is, it should help me get more memories back from that night, right? I took a deep breath and looked at the phone.

Besides the fact that flashing lights were all over the club, it was obvious that there was a flash from the phone before, making the picture come out perfectly clear. Recognizing the black leather jacket and blue jeans, there was no doubt that I’m the person on the left. The thing that I couldn’t ignore was the woman who was next to me on the right.

And the fact that we were locking lips against the bar counter.

How many people did I hook up with that night…?

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