Drinks with Shelia [18+]

My eyes naturally gravitated towards the top of the exposed cleavage only a few inches away from me. Before I began to stare too long, I forced my eyes to retreat and look back up at Shelia’s face; her eyeliner trailed off around her almond-shaped eyes, looking like black veils. The dark blue of her eyeshadow highlighted the magenta color of her iris. Even in the dimmed lighting, the small dimples in her cheek were visible as she gave me a sly smile. As I watched her, her hand made a brief appearance, pointing down at something. Without question my eyes went back down—I got butterflies at what I saw. Tugging at the edge of her tank top Shelia was casually exposing more of her breasts, the bright pink of her areola on her pale skin.

Holy shit, she’s not wearing a bra!

Shelia giggled, probably looking at my flushed, embarrassed face, “Like what you see, Lizzy?”

As much as I didn’t want to look like a pervert in a crowded bar I couldn’t help but look at Shelia’s breasts. Forcing myself to look away, I averted my eyes and scanned the entire bar; the lights were still dim as always, people were all occupied with one another, and all of the people sitting at the bar counter were actually taking orders with the other bartenders on the other side of the counter—nobody was paying attention to what Shelia was doing, except me. Even though I was pretty sure I was in the clear, there was this lingering nervousness that somebody was watching over my shoulder. I turned around just to make sure, and was relieved when I saw the nearby wall behind me.

I brought my attention back to Shelia and asked, “You love seeing me get all nervous in public, don’t you?”

“Perhaps,” Shelia shrugged, leaning on the counter in front of me. “Or maybe I just like showing off my tits to a special somebody.”

“You show them to me a lot.”

“Because I like you a lot, stupid.”

I leaned forward on the counter, our faces only inches way from each other. Blowing through the light whiff of grilled burgers and vodka in the air Shelia had a gentle smell of vanilla coming from her. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting myself drift off in the sweet scent for a moment, “You’re wearing that perfume I like.”

Shelia lowered her voice, putting a nice and sensual tone to it, “I had to. You realize what today is, right?”

We looked into each other’s eyes, just staring at one another. My body had a small warmth coming over it, my panties suddenly irritating me with a tingling feel. My eyes went down for a second to look at Shelia’s lips, covered in a light layer of rose-colored lipstick. Under my body’s natural urges, I leaned in and kissed her. Shelia leaned over the counter and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me deeper into the moment. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, and when we broke apart a small thread of our mixed spit came out. Shelia laughed while I tried to quickly lap up the hanging trail of spit from my lip.

My cheeks were on fire, the butterflies were swarming around in my stomach, and a strong throbbing was happening inside my panties. And this was all her fault.

I fixed my posture and went back to my seat, taking a big sip of the watered down drink in front of me, “You know how to turn me on so quickly.”

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