Don’t You Remember? (Part Four) [18+]

“The fuck you mean it was all my idea?”

“I’m telling you, girl, you’re the one who started the subject. You even threw yourself on the girl, though I’m pretty sure she was into it.”

I couldn’t do anything but stare at Toni from across the room, waiting for her to say the punchline to some joke gone wrong. She shrugged her shoulders, her eyes awkwardly daring around the room before stopping on me, “You seriously don’t remember anything?”

“I don’t remember a fucking thing!” A surge of panicking emotions flooded every inch of my heated body. I started pacing back and forth in the open space of the living room, trying to recall any faint memories of that night. “I don’t remember meeting those girls, I don’t remember making out with one of them, and I sure as shit don’t remember hooking up and sleeping in another girl’s bed.”

My pacing came to an abrupt halt, my mind rewinding my previous statement. It finally started to occur to me that I unintentionally blurted out hooking up with a woman. I just stood there, my hand clutching at a tuft of hair in frustration, cursing myself out under my breath. If I could have, at that moment, split myself into two people and kick my own ass, I wouldn’t have hesitated to beat myself silly. Even though I planned on telling Toni about my drunken sexual exploration, I didn’t plan on telling her out of the blue, blunt and in an angry tone. On top of that, I wanted to be more under the influence of the wine she brought over—we weren’t even finished with the first bottle of red wine.

I tried to regain my composure but the best I could do was let out a few deep breaths to try and calm my shaking hands. I dreaded looking at Toni, actually scared for once about how she would react to my sudden reveal. Although hesitant, I forced myself to look at her on the couch.

She was leaning forward, her hands covering her mouth, probably out of surprise. Her caramel eyes were glistening, wide-eyed to the fullest. We were locked in a long, silent staring contest before she spoke first.

Muffled by her hands, Toni’s words still came through clear, “And I thought I was a slut.”

“Shut up,” that was the only response I could give.

Toni moved her hands from her mouth and pushed herself off of the couch, landing feet first in front of me. What I expected from her was a dropped jaw of surprise, but she had an ear-to-ear, teeth- showing grin. She reached out and grabbed me by the hand, her eyes focused on me. I didn’t know what worried me more: the fact that she just sprung across my living room or the overly excited smile on her face.

I looked back at her with a confused look of my own, “You’re taking this info unnaturally well.”

“So, how was it?”

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