100 Word Story – Young Lady (Finale)

The officer knew something unusual was going on when he heard the strange sounds coming from the alleyway. At first, he had thought it was just some rats running around in the shadows. He was going to continue his nightly patrol.

Until he heard the shrieking cries of a girl coming from the dark in the alleyway.

“I said not to come any closer!”

The girl’s mouth crunched every time she chewed, almost as if she was eating an entire pack of hard candy. She closed her eyes and savored the meaty flavors, the officer’s wails were like beautiful music to her ears.

Blood squirted from the missing fingers on the officer’s right hand. Words of disgust, slurs, and insults came from the officer, hoping that the girl would be found dead by the end of the night.

Finished with her snack the girl focused on the damaged officer, and gave a hateful gaze.

“You’ll be a missing person report before they find me.”

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