100 Word Story – Mirrored Walls (Part Four)

Everything was spinning around me, nothing wanted to stay still. My head throbbed with a fiery intensity, and my body was stiff as cement. A faint bright light was trying to break through my eye lids, bringing me out of my dreams.

However, it seemed like I awoke from a dream and entered a nightmare. Through a sliver of sight, I caught a glimpse of where I was. Mirrors all around me, all of them with the same image.

Me. On every mirror. Trapped.

All around me were mirrors copies of myself, all of them searching for an exit in a frantic state. No matter which way I looked all I saw was myself staring back, the same terrified expression coming from every direction.

“Where’s the exit? Where’s the exit?” I repeated to myself.

I pounded my fist against each mirror to see if there was a hollow sound coming from behind it. I even tried to force them off of the wall, but nothing gave away.

The voice started speaking again, “Try all you want, Mary, but you’re not escaping me this time.”

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Copyright © 2019 by Luka Tatsujo

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