100 Word Story – Gross Kiss Goodnight (Part One)

It has been a yearly ritual ever since they were born, a ritual that grew more and more dangerous with each passing year. In the beginning it was something they looked forward to. Now it was torture for the three of them.

Last year was their biggest and most dangerous ritual. They were afraid of having to relive those memories, those haunting, disturbing memories that kept them up at night.

This year, they were planning ahead; they were going to survive by any means possible.

Leon tapped his marker against the dry erase board, focusing on a red circle, “This is our target. If we can somehow avoid this all night, we may be able to save ourselves from total disaster.”

Bryan nodded in agreement, “Last year was a complete failure. This time, we learned from our mistakes.

Sera had a determined look as she pointed at the board, “What about the enforcers? How will we be able to convince them to stay away from us?”

Leon’s childish face had a bright grin, “Leave that to me. Just follow my lead, and we’ll make it.”

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Copyright © 2019 by Luka Tatsujo

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