100 Word Story – Breaking in the New Year (Part Three)

It’s the evening on New Year’s Eve. Everybody has plans and are having a night out on the town. People grouped up with both new and old friends to spend quality time together. Thousands are gathered in the center of town to watch as the New Year’s ball touches down, ringing in the new year.

Alcohol are flying off of the shelves, and out of people’s cups as they celebrate the planet for making another full rotation in the solar system. Memories will be made. Memories will be forgotten. New relationships will blossom, while some old will crumble.

It’s the beginning of the new year.

And that year begins with a trashed apartment.

“Have you seen my top…?”

“No, but your bra is hanging from the ceiling fan.”

Rebecca rubbed her face, taking a moment to adjust to the drunken state her body was still in. I’ve seen the effect of her partying, but waking up topless and bra-less is a new personal record for her.

Using me for leverage, Rebecca carefully got off of the dining table and latched onto me as we headed for the living room.

I let out a hiccup before speaking, “Welcome to the new year, Becky.”

Rebecca groaned, struggling to stay up, “I’m never drinking again. Ever.”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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