100 Word Story – The Coupon Incident (Part Three)

For once, I would just like to have a normal graveyard shift go by without any kind of incident. Between then alcoholics trying to buy even more beer when they come in or the homeless guys from down the block trying to steal some food before going into hiding for the night, I would like to have just one uneventful shift.

I really wouldn’t mind sitting behind the counter most of the shift waiting for a customer to come in and calmly buy a pack of smokes or a cheap lotto ticket. I mean, why the hell do the morning and mid-shifts get all of the polite people while I get all of the weirdos?

And why the hell am I always on my own during this? Thank god there’s a security camera to catch this all going down.

Why do I always get the worst of customers on my shift? And why the hell am I stuck going solo again?

The old lady continued searching through her oversized purse, swearing under her breath as she tried to find a coupon she could try and use on me. And every time she did, it went like this:

“I have this red one, let me use it!”

“Wrong store.”

“I have this one for twenty-five percent off.”

“Doesn’t work here, too.”

Frustrated that she couldn’t scam me into using her coupons, the old lady shouted, “Where’s the manager?”

“Not here.”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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