My Young One (Part Eleven) [18+]

“W-When you said you wanted to show me the bedroom, I-I wasn’t expecting this!”

“You knew exactly what was going to happen when I invited you to my apartment.” Anna crawled up the bed, quickly trapping me under her. My entire body wanted to tremble, but I tried my best to try and hide my shivers; whether they were from being nervous, embarrassed or even excited, I couldn’t tell. All I could do was watch as Anna slowly got closer and closer to me.

Reaching over and grabbing me by my wrists, Anna hovered over me, our faces only inches apart. We looked at one another, nobody trying to break eye contact. Her grip on me got tighter as she slowly came down and pressed her chest on top of mine.

She smirked, “Don’t play dumb, hun.”

My cheeks flared up as my chest grew hot, both from feeling Anna’s breasts pinning me down and from the rising anticipation. And yet, I continued to play it off.

“I have no idea what you’re— ahh!”

A bolt of electricity ran through my body as I felt something press on my lower half, right between my legs. I instinctively went to cover my mouth but Anna’s grip prevented my arms from even moving an inch off of the bed. I kept trying to wiggle myself free, even shaking my hips in hopes of giving me kind of leverage. However, all that did was make the moment even more heated: I started moaning softly.

Realizing the situation, I stopped moving and let my body calm down a bit before I spoke. Catching my breath, I lifted my head up to see what was pressing on me, but all I saw was Anna’s large cleavage pressed on me.

“W-What was that, between my legs?” I asked with hesitation.

“My knee,” Anna answered.

I laid my head back to get a look at Anna’s face, but as soon as I saw her she pressed her red-coated lips onto mine. Her eyes were closed tight, she herself already lost in some kind of trance. I gasped at the moment, feeling her warm lips against mine. I couldn’t help but fall into the same trance she was. My eye lids went heavy and closed, letting the passion burn between us. My mind felt like it was melting, losing a sense of time as the kiss went on. My haze finally started to clear when I felt her lips back away from mine. Not realizing how long that was, I had to gasp for air. Anna chuckled.

“W-What’s so funny?!”

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t expect you to gasp for air like that.”

“I didn’t expect my first kiss to be so… intense.”

After hearing me speak, Anna immediately reeled up, a shocked expression on her face. She started down at me, her eyes moving up and down for a moment. “That was your first kiss? Your first kiss with me or your real first kiss?”

I opened mouth to answer, but an intense butterfly feeling hit me right in my stomach. I immediately closed my mouth and broke eye contact, too embarrassed to say another work.

“I am, aren’t I? And let me guess, I’ll also be your first se—“

“Yes!” I shouted out, cutting her off. I took a deep breath before I continued, “You’ll be my first for everything…”

Everything fell silent between us. I admitted the truth about me and my experiences to Anna. Part of me felt like she would have gotten up, and our moment would have ended right there. My insides knotted up, hoping that she wouldn’t look down upon me for this.

After not hearing her response to everything, I looked up at Anna again. Her face was red around her cheeks, as she had the biggest smile on her face.

“I’ll make sure your first time is one to remember~”

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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