My Young One (Part Twelve) [18+]

It’s been some time since I’ve first met Anna, since she first came up to me at the bus stop. Naturally I was hesitant about her wanting to help me out; I still consider what would have happened if I never got into her car to drive me to school. The general rule is to never get into a car with somebody you don’t know. But there was something about Anna that pulled me in…

Just from looking at her outward appearance, I instantly knew she lived a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. From sitting in the passenger seat of her luxury-grade car, having a private outdoors dining table at the Italian restaurant, and seeing the number out designer outfits she wears for casual outings, Anna is a woman who already has everything in the world she could possibly want. And if she didn’t, she knew how to get it.

And yet, she’s the one who chose to help me and invite me to places I’ve never been before.

Anna Polakoff, a woman who’s beauty would stun you just from looking at her. With a perfectly trimmed style, long from the back that seemed to swirl and wrap around her down to the middle of her back, Anna’s hair was always well-kept. Her naturally tall height gave off an intimidating presence when you’re around her, but with such an inviting personality, you always wanted to be by her side. Her body could have been an artist’s inspiration, with curves top and bottom, slender yet toned arms, and a bust that made even other women jealous. When she looked at me with those dark blue, sapphire-like eyes, my soul started to shiver with anticipation, and would warm up from her smiles.

Anna was the kind of woman people could only dream of. She was the woman who appeared in front of me when I needed help. And now, she was the woman who had me pinned to her bed, my body in heat as she began to explore what could make me tremble.

All I did was wait, letting her take the lead, showing me what happens when lust took over.

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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