The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall

This is a story, a simple story, one that focuses on the average lives of a couple living together. It was a calm, winter morning. The evening snowfall was finally starting to taper off, covering the lush greenery of the neighborhood in a blank of fresh, soft snow. Most of the inhabitants were warm and toasty in their homes, warming up by the fireplace or cuddled up with loved ones. The children took advantage of the weather and armored up in snow gear, running around playing and having fun.

Everything was perfect, in this winter wonderland.

At this simple, white-painted home resided the couple of this story. The two of them lived in the moment, always living life to the fullest, embracing every new experiences, and one another. Their daily lives were always heated and filled with passion, unable to keep their hands off of one another. Their home was a true love nest.

The two love birds were always seen together, often doing tasks and hobbies together as well, ranging from the boring and mundane to the heated, heart-racing moments that got them going. While some things were more interesting than others, the love birds always found a way to make anything fun for the both of them.

However, even in a lover’s paradise, trouble and dilemma can brew. The love birds had hit an impasse in their relationship, squabbling at one another to find some kind of compromise. However, that answer seems to be quite some time away. If this dragged on too long, their romantic relationship could have begun to tear apart.

The love birds continued their childish bickering. The lovers, one who spends all of their time at home like a nerd, and the other who grew fatter with each passing day, were both close to exploding with frustration. When one offered some help to relax, the other angrily refused. Is this the end of their steamy romance? Is the love nest going to come crashing down to the snowy ground?

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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