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The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall

Howdy, y’all. I hope you’ve had a nice and relaxing weekend. It’s been a scorcher all week all over. I’ve been stuck in the blazing heat working (I went back to my old job, woohoo) and I’ve been coming home just drenched in sweat. And let me tell you, I hate the heat. But enough about my boring week.

So today, I come to you with a little… experiment. Remember a couple months back when I talked about the new laptop I bought and the new things I could do with it? If you don’t check out – “So I Did A Thing… And I May Keep It.”

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So I Did A Thing… And I May Keep It

So I Did A Thing… And I May Keep It

Howdy, everybody. Long time no see. Sorry nothing new has been posted in a week or so. I recently picked up some extra shifts at my job to get some extra spending cash, so I’ve been trying to just relax after work and not make my body break down again. After this final week or so, I’ll be putting on a new schedule to help make sure I keep writing and posting for you all. I know I say this so much already, but I really appreciate all of you guys being patient with me. And don’t worry, this lost time will not be for nothing.

For the last month or so, I’ve been thinking about how I can improve my stories and posts. I have worked on making various styles for different kinds of stories, themes, and plots, doing something quick and simple or going complex just for the hell of it. But the one thing that I just couldn’t get around was having more visual aids along with my works. I didn’t like the idea of constantly looking online for an image that could somehow convey the story or enhance it; I wanted to be as original as possible.

And for a long, long time, I had a semi-solution in mind, but I felt like it wouldn’t be as good as it could be. But now, after grinding at work for some extra cash, I can start putting that plan into action.

I’m gonna start making characters in The Sims 4 and taking screenshots.

I know this may sound dumb, but this was something I wanted to do for the longest time. I’ve always wanted towrite new stories and replicate old ones by using the character creation in The Sims 4, but because of the laptop I had, I felt the image quality wouldn’t be good enough–I had to run it with a mix of low and medium settings to make sure not to blow out my laptop. But with this new one, I can run it perfectly at max settings, hopefully getting the best image possible now. I’m sure there are mods out there to help enhance textures even further, but the default settings are enough for me. I’m still very new at doing something like this, so excuse me for not taking the best of shots.

I played around a bit today in the game to get a better feel of how the camera works and the different things I can do for certain angles and shots.

These first few shots here were just a testing phase. What I may do is read some of my older stories, change them up a bit, and then try to recreate them in The Sims 4 to give more visual appeal to them. I also may do some screenshots for a couple of projects I’ve currently had sitting on the back burner.

So, what do you think? You think doing this will help make my stories better? Let me know what you think, I’m always looking for peoples’ opinions and concerns! You can always email me, contact me on Twitter, or leave comments on posts!

Wrong Spell

Wrong Spell

I know there’s a weird-ass anime screenshot posted on here, but hear me out for a second.

So last night I was relaxing at my usual go-to bar after leaving work, just to unwind and take a load off before going home for the night. I was writing something up on my phone when I got a sudden hit of Writer’s Block. What I then did was I went onto Twitter and asked for an opening liner to help get the thoughts going.

A friend of mine shared this screenshot, and I had absolutely no idea what anime it was from, so I just winged it and wrote this. I didn’t look up the source until AFTER I wrote it.

The anime is called Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai-under the innocent sky (We Without Wings – Under the Innocent Sky.) I didn’t look too much into what the plot is about, but I did manage to find the scene where the screenshot came from. In case you want to watch it, here’s the link: Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

And, after looking at the video, I don’t think this story was tooooo far off…