Just a Bump of Fun [18+]

I put my hands on my hips and sighed, “Where the hell is my phone?”

Walking around the edge of the bed, I felt something vibrating on the floor. I kept my foot there and stayed still, trying to figure out where it was coming from. The vibrations would slowly fade in and out over a couple of seconds, similar to a pulse, and would stop before starting again. Another vibration happened and I looked down at the bed, certain of where it was.

“How the hell did it get this far under the bed?”

I got on my hands and knees, trying not to bend down too far, and felt around under the bed. The vibrations were still going, making it easier for me to feel around for my phone. Grabbing it, I took my time getting back onto my feet, wobbling a little bit as I regained my balance. I looked at my phone screen and turned off the alarm, bringing the vibrations to an end.

“Finally, that’s done with,” I said, unlocking my phone. “Now I can do what I had planned for Tina.”

Looking around the room for the right spot, I settled on using the bed as the set for my plan. I began taking off my clothes, stripping from head to toe, putting my pregnant body on full display for the world. I noticed my reflection in the nearby wall mirror, looking at all of my curves.

“Damn, I’m one sexy lady!”

With the extra confidence boost, I reached back and grabbed my ass, shaking it to give it a nice jiggle. My body started heating up just from having a little bit of fun with myself. Riding the erotic high, I quickly laid down on the bed and held my phone above me, turning on the camera. I used the front lens to get a look at myself as I tried out different poses and angles, looking for the right one. After a couple of test shots, I settled on a picture where I had a devilish grin on my face and squeezed my tit, making me lactate and milk drip out a little bit. I sat up and stared at the picture, blushing from seeing just how large my belly was now.

I giggled and did a little shimmy, “Being pregnant has made me happy in so many ways.”
As my body changed and got bigger, my mood started to improve. At first, I was always so focused on trying to make sure I had a job to help support me and Tina, even though her job gave her enough income to comfortably support the both of us without worry. She made enough money that could support a family of four. And because of that, it made me feel useless just doing things around the house. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping—these were all things we took turns doing around the house. Plus, being home all day made me restless. I needed something to do while Tina was gone.

So I got a part-time job.

It was a simple retail job in a grocery store not too far from home. I spent my mornings restocking shelves with products, cleaning up spills and messes, and helping customers find their way around. My shifts were five hours long, having me clock-in three days a week at just above minimum wage. My paychecks were small, but it felt great to financially help out in some kind of way. Sadly, that feeling only lasted about three months until Tina finally got me knocked up.

We were both ecstatic that I was pregnant. We were never actually trying to breed me and knock me up, just fulfilling that risky fantasy of constantly have her cum inside me. We actually started off using protection most of the time whenever we had sex, but after a condom broke one day and I felt her finish inside me, we would occasionally fuck without it. After the first couple of times of feeling her warm cum filling me up, I got addicted to it. That feeling of her stiff cock, hot and reaching deep inside, throbbing as she shot her load all inside my pussy: it was amazing, and I needed it. I even researched different positions that would get her as deep as possible. On rare occasions, her thrusting would make the tip of her cock press my cervix, making my body explode with a number of fleeting and warm sensations. I know women who had that happen to them, and they said it was painful. For me, it was one of the best pleasures I’ve ever felt. Tina knew how to dominate my body, often making me cry out her name as I moaned, begging her to fill my pussy. She picked up on my actions one day, and we had a discussion about what we would do if I really did become pregnant. We accepted that chance.

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