Just a Bump of Fun [18+]

Tina started working harder at her job, sometimes coming home late at night, all in hopes of getting a promotion. As for me, I promised that I would become a housewife. I personally didn’t like the idea of being home most of the time. However, I knew that it would inevitable as I got further along in my pregnancy. The week I found out I was pregnant, I left my job.

I kept looking at the picture I took. I knew it would put Tina in a good mood, but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I wanted to make her struggle to focus on her work. It may have been a bit selfish, but the thought of Tina being horny at work put a smile on my face. Thinking of another pose, I put my phone down and started playing with my breasts. I kept playing with them for a bit, milking coming out more.

I stopped touching my breasts and looked at them as milk kept dripping out onto my belly, “This is going to drive her crazy.”

When I felt like my body was covered enough, I licked my fingers clean and picked up my phone, holding it above me as I gave a peace sign. I angled it so that my milky body was seen in the photo, but not my face. Liking the pose, I took a picture and sent it to Tina along with the first picture. I eagerly waited for her response.

Tina begged for me to quit my part-time job after we found out I was pregnant. After we found out, she wanted me not to put any unnecessary stress on my body. At first, I was reluctant; the part-time job was only a couple of hours a week and it wasn’t labor-intensive. I honestly didn’t mind working until I was far along in my pregnancy. Tina was completely against the idea, saying I had to prepare for all of the changes my body would be going through. She just wanted to make my pregnancy as easy as possible for me.

The first couple of weeks were the worst, in terms of keeping myself occupied. I would do a thorough cleaning of the house once a week. We were both clean people, so there was barely anything that required constant upkeep. I watched every movie we had in our collection over and over again. I ended up memorizing the entire script for a few of them, both from movies I loved and ones I thought were terrible. Grocery shopping happened every couple of days, going just to get a few items. When it was time for a complete shopping spree to restock the house, that happened every two weeks or so. Those first few weeks were boring. Once my belly bump started getting bigger, that’s when things changed for the better.

Tina became extremely affectionate towards me. She showered me with compliments and took care of me for the slightest of issues. Whether it was sore feet, tight shoulders, ridiculous hunger cravings, and everything in-between, Tina did it all to keep me happy. If we were watching a movie together, she would gently rub my belly, calling me the most beautiful woman in the world. When my breasts started getting swollen and engorged, she would massage them to help relieve some of the pain. And of course, feeling her hands on my breasts, I couldn’t contain myself—being pregnant made me one horny woman.

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