Just a Bump of Fun [18+]

Every day when Tina got home from work, I wanted to suck on her cock like candy. She would be rock hard in my mouth, throbbing the entire time. My mouth would salivate, even drooling at times, as I took her in my mouth. Her moans from my foreplay was music to my ears, turning me on even more and adding to the heated moment. But that would be just the beginning of it all. My pussy would be soaked from foreplay, making a large mess between my legs. With her cock coated in my spit, I often found myself soon on my back, holding my legs back as best as I could as her cock slowly entered my cunt. The first couple of strokes were the most passionate and loving, starting off slow as to make sure she wasn’t hurting me. She would lean over and hold onto my shoulders as we made out. More often than not, I still had a bit of cum on my lips, but Tina didn’t mind. As my body started opening up and adjusting to her size, her thrusts started picking up the pace and had more power behind them, making my breasts and belly jiggle. Our moans mixed together, one trying to be louder than the other for fun. And when my body was ready to take all of her, Tina would plunge her cock as deep as she could, sometimes even hitting my cervix. My entire body lit up with an electric current, tingling all over. Every throbbing inch of her was felt inside my swollen cunt. My toes curled as she grabbed onto my legs to keep me in place. My hands frantically felt around the bed, feeling around for something to hold onto. My mind couldn’t focus on the intense, passionate moment between us, only thinking about how much I wanted her to cum inside me. And on her last powerful thrust, Tina’s cock twitched as she slammed her hips into mine, always getting balls deep when she finally released her load. I willingly took it all, cumming along with her, my pussy convulsing and even squirting at times. Once it was all done, both of us panting, I reached up and pulled her on top of me and started making out.

My pregnancy gave me the best sex I’ve ever experienced.

Between the constant attention from Tina, seeing my body go through the changes, and the thought of motherhood, I’ve never been more happy in my life. I was afraid that my relationship with Tina would start to fall apart. My body could have been too ugly for her to look at, let alone touch. My needs for help would get on her nerves. But she was eager, excited, and by my side with a smile every step of the way. If I needed help doing something, she was right there to do it for me. I knew she was working as hard as she could to provide for us, and that made me do the same with my duties around the house. Cleaning no longer felt tedious and boring. Going out for groceries was the time when I proudly went out and showed my pregnant belly to those who asked about it. As long as I kept my growing family in mind, I was happy doing anything to help out.

I laid down on the bed after sending the pictures, checking my inbox every couple seconds. I thought about what Tina’s reaction would be. Teasing her while at work was a funny little way of passing the time and keeping things lively between us. I could imagine her struggling to focus on work and trying to hide her erection as she walked past coworkers and her higher-ups.

I laughed, “Come on, Tina, hold it together.”

After not getting a reply for a minute or two, I put my phone on the bed and sat up. I looked around the room, trying to see if there was anything that needed to be done. I thought about any possible errands I had for the day, but nothing came to mind right away. I glanced at the laundry hamper in the corner of room and saw that the lid was slightly off from having too many clothes in it. I snapped my fingers and pointed at it.

“Looks like today is laundry day.”

Giving a slight nod, I pushed myself off of the bed and walked over to the hamper, not even bothering to put my clothes back on. I took the lid off and put it to the side, taking out the heavy laundry bag inside. As I’m leaning over to take the bag out, I noticed something white dripping onto the clothes. I looked at my chest and realized that my breasts were still lactating. I grabbed a tank top from the top of the bag and used it as a rag to wipe off the milky mess on my body.

“I’ll shower after I start the first wash,” I said, putting the tank top back into the bag. As I made my way to leave the bedroom, I heard a bell chime going off nearby. I dropped the laundry bag and rushed over to the bed, picking up my phone and checking my message inbox. The only new message was from Tina, and she had replied to the pictures I sent. Anxious and excited, I bit my lip and read her text.

“Don’t clean up, I’ll be home in twenty-five.”

I read the message over and over to make sure I read it right, and grinned, “She’s going to fuck me silly.”

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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