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Café and a Small Tea

This story is actually a little bit different. I spent some time thinking about my writing style and how I don’t really enjoy putting too much emphasis on descriptions unless it’s needed, more or less just some quick writing to get the idea out. I wanted to focus more on character interaction and dialogue, making it a more relaxed story. So if this seems a bit different than usual, that’s why.

Suzanne walked into the café with her order already in mind. As soon as she walked through the glass double doors she could hear the chit-chat of the dozen of people lounging around the café, some standing up and leaning against the walls, and some relaxing at the small round tables in group. Slow jazz music came from the stereo system above, giving that nice touch to an already calming atmosphere.

As she made her way to the counter, she got on line and casually looked at her phone until she was called up. She could hear the barista repeating the orders of customers who she was serving, asking their name for when it was ready for pick-up. Quickly repeating back orders with a clear voice, it was no wonder the café had her working the front.

“Next customer, please. Miss?”

Breaking away from her screen swiping habits, Suzanne looked up when she hear the barista calling out, realizing that she was indeed the next customer in line. Knowing exactly what she came in for, she walked up to the counter and looked directly at the barista.

And then, once she saw the barista, Suzanne didn’t know what to say.

Her daily morning trips to the cafe lasted only a couple of minutes at best. She would always order her usual small tea, light sugar and milk, with a toasted cream cheese bagel. The transaction would be over in a matter of seconds, and waiting for her simple order would have taken only a minute, even during the busiest of mornings. So why was she having such a hard time trying to place her order today?

The barista called out again to Suzanne, “Do you need a moment to think about your order?”

Suzanne focused on the barista. Underneath the mandatory uniform hat was a short, perfectly-trimmed pixie haircut, obviously dyed black and white. Freckles lightly dotted the bridge of the her nose and her round cheeks. Her attire just met the requirement of the cafe, wearing an unzipped hoodie with the company logo over a plain white tank top, and a pair of black jeans.

The barista was dressed rather normal and plain, but Suzanne couldn’t seem to look away from her.

“Small tea and a bagel toasted with cream cheese?”

Suzanne finally snapped out it, “Huh?”

“That’s what you usually order, right? Small tea and a bagel?”

Suzanne quickly got flustered when then barista somehow knew her order, “How did you know what I get?”

“Lil’ Georgie told be about you.”

Confused by the name, Suzanne tilted her head and asked, “Little Georgie….?”

The barista chuckled when she saw Suzanne tilt, “George. The male barista who’s usually here in the morning? You know, the one with the orange afro?”

After coming here almost every morning for more than a year, Suzanne never really paid that much attention to who was taking her order. Her main focus was just getting her breakfast and heading back to the apartment as fast as she could. If this barista brought up this “Little Georgie,” then it must be right.

“I don’t really pay attention to people, I’m sorry,” Suzanne admitted, shrugging.

Whoever this Little Georgie is sounds like a creep now that I think about it, but whatever.