Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 5. Akechi in the Limestone Caverns

“Yes, Sir.”

Lord Gohda changes his view and faces Ayame directly.

“You mentioned that you ran into an assassin you’ve previously met before, Ayame?”

“Yeah, Rin. She was the girl I met in Hagakure village. I ran into her a few times when you sent me after the Kuroya.”

“I see. And she was a hired assassin. See if you can find her again. We may be able to use her assistance.”

“You got it.”

Lightly pushing herself off of the wall, Ayame walks over to the hidden sliding door and leaves the room. Lord Gohda then bring his attention to the kneeling Rikimaru. Lord Gohda sits at his cushioned seat, crossing his legs and arms.


“Yes, Sir?”

“I have a vital mission for you.”

“Whatever it is, I will complete it swiftly from the shadows.”

Lord Gohda gives a slight nod, “Nonetheless from you. The note Ayame brought back stated that some weapons were to be delivered to the caverns at the end of that river. You know where that river leads, since the portal you came back from is there.”

Rikimaru slowly lifts his head up, keeping is gaze on Lord Gohda, “The Limestone Caverns. The same place were Lord Mei-Oh’s sword was buried.”

“The Limestone Caverns has a known history of being a major base of operations for those plotting something. If this note is some kind of indication, the caverns should be acting as some sort of weapons storage somewhere within.”

“You want me to destroy these weapons to reduce their arms supply.”

“Exactly. Before you go, take a few explosive bombs from the inventory. Keep in mind, the blast may cause the caverns to collapse.”


Rikimaru gets up and turns to walk away, but Lord Gohda stops him before he can leave the room.


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