Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 5. Akechi in the Limestone Caverns

Rikimaru doesn’t respond, keeping his guard up. With no answer given, the figure sighs and keeps speaking.

“Well, doesn’t really matter anyways. I don’t recognize you, so that means I can kill you.”

The figure steps back and launches his weapon at the bridge: a simple on sided spear with a curved blade at its edge. The figure jumps down from the ledge and crashes into the bridge, leaving a small impact crater on it.

His armor is the standard chest plate and chain link armor set of a soldier in an imperial army of some sorts; a large, steel plate with an insignia in the middle of it, small plates that protect his shoulders, forearms and legs, and a small, rounded helm with scale plating edged around it, everything with a rusted red and golden color pattern.

He slowly rises and removes his spear from the bridge, “Takamatsu Morinaga, First-rank Patrol Guard.” He grips his spear and points it directly at Rikimaru, “And you’re invading Akechi territory.”

Rikimaru shifts stances, taking a more offensive approach at the enemy in front of him, “Move or die. Your choice.”

Revealing his name, Patrol Guard Takamatsu chuckles a bit, “You’re funny, ‘Move or die.’” He brings his spear down and points the blade to the ground, a small grimace creeping up on his face, “I’ll move this spear, and you’re gonna die.”

Charging across the bridge, Takamatsu drags the spear, holding it with both his hands. He lunges at Rikimaru with a large amount of force, but Rikimaru easily dodges it with a side step. He counters with a charge of his own, attempting to plunge his blade into his enemy. Takamatsu evades with a rapid succession of back steps, making sure to keep his spear in front of him the entire time. With a large distance between them, they take a second to readjust their stances and Takamatsu move in for another set of charging lunges.

Rikimaru stays on the evasive, side stepping and weaving through every attack that comes at him.

“You don’t have a chance at landing a strike on me. Your spear is no match for me.”

“Oh yeah? Then how about this!”

Mid lunge, Takamatsu changes his grip on the spear, holding onto it from the furthest point away from the blade. He twists his body and spins the spear around it, turning it into a long cutting weapon. The reach of the attack forces Rikimaru to begin back stepping to avoid the razor sharp edge.

“Yeah, you’re afraid now! You’re moving back!”

Rikimaru turns his head to get a quick glance back and sees he’s being pinned into a wall. He focuses on Takamatsu, who’s preparing to give one last attack, seeing the situation.

“Back against the wall, you’re finished!”

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