Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 5. Akechi in the Limestone Caverns

Rikimaru inches just a bit closer to the edge to get a better look below; he can see the bottom of a massive drop, the walls lined with ledges that surely lead to more passages ways. However, the drop is too high so falling or jumping down from any ledge would surely be fatal, even for a ninja of his talents.

“The weapons are most likely being held in the deepest part of the caverns. I’ll have to find a way to get there.”

He looks across from his ledge and can see a passage that he can jump to, but there’s a ninja standing guard; if the guard looks up, he’ll be able to see Rikimaru and could alert other ninja nearby. Rikimaru looks around for another way down and sees another passage, but there’s no landing. If he were to jump to it, he’ll have to grab onto the ledge and climb up.

Making a decision, he leaps from his landing and aims for the ledge; he grabs it and quickly pulls himself up, making sure to avoid the ninja’s line of sight. Rikimaru continues his descent into the deep passages of the cavern.

As he’s navigating the numerous passages, the sound of dripping water becomes louder and louder. Rikimaru reaches the end of the passage and sees the next area; it’s flooded, being at least a few feet deep. Thankfully, there’s a wide bridge that connects the passages to the rest of the caverns. The entire flooded area seems to be closed off, with only a few passages ways that lead to it, the main one just on the other side of the bridge. Due to the large amounts of water, it would make sense as to why no guards are here.

Rushing across the bridge, Rikimaru travels through. When he reaches the half way point, a large splashing sound comes from behind him. Taking a defensive stance, he pulls out his ninjato and turns around, preparing for any kind of attack. However, when he turns, there’s nothing behind him. He looks at the water and can see ripples moving where the splash came form. He keeps his eyes on it for a moment and is stunned by what he sees. A ninja corpse slowly rises to the surface.

“A body? How did it get here?”

Rikimaru looks at the nearest wall and looks up; he can see a ledge that leads to a passage. Right after finding the location where the body fell from, another body is thrown from the ledge.

“Somebody’s here!”

Rikimaru tightens his grip on his blade and waits for something to happen, keeping his eyes on that ledge. A figure leans over the ledge to look down.

With just their head being visible from that distance, Rikimaru can clearly see the rusted red coloring and metal plates along the person’s helm. Their face however, is blocked by a black cloth, showing just their eyes. From the person’s deep voice, Rikimaru can tell that’s a male.

“Are you the one killing all of my guards?”

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