Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 5. Akechi in the Limestone Caverns

He stops swinging the spear and props it on his shoulder; using all of his strength, it picks it up and does a downward slash. Although he saw Rikimaru approaching a wall, he forgot to notice there’s still space for him to evade.


Side stepping just before the blade hit, Rikimaru perfectly waits for his evasion; the impact of the spear hitting the stone ground is so intense, is cause vibrations to travel up it and reaches Takamatsu, forcing him to drop his weapon. Caught of guard, the stunned Takamatsu doesn’t know how to react. Rikimaru dashes forward and does a wide strike, slashing his enemy in the abdomen, cutting clean through.

The dash brings Rikimaru right behind his enemy, stopping and waiting for a reaction. Speechless, Takamatsu violently shakes as he watches his blood leak from his body. Strength fading and his life lost, he falls face first on the bridge, bleeding out to the water underneath. Rikimaru cleans his ninjato off in the water before sheathing it.

He gives no second glances at the corpse as he continues his way though the cavern. He walks around another corner and can see a small open area; there’s nothing but barrels of supplies and crates upon crates of different types of weapons and armor. He walks inside and notices the insignia that he saw on Takamatsu’s armor: a large, yellow circle on a black banner. He picks it up and puts it in his pocket.

“Now, we have a clue on who to look for.”

Putting the plan in motion, Rikimaru takes the pouch of bombs he had and places them where the insignia was. Grabs a nearby torch and steps back, throwing it at the bag. As soon as the torch leaves his hand, he turns around and begins his retreat out of the caverns. Rushing back across the bridge, he can hear a loud explosion behind him and the sound of rocks and boulders falling. A shock-wave travels through caverns, causing it to begin collapsing.

With the route memorized, Rikimaru has no trouble making his way through the passages. As he’s running out, he can see ninjas being thrown into a panic at the sudden explosions; they don’t even notice him running through.

Avoiding falling rocks and dead bodies of those who were caught by the collapse, Rikimaru finds his way back to the pool that leads to the caverns. He turns around to watch is close in; the ceiling falls down, sealing up the only way into the caverns. He looks at the pile of rubble for a moment, then takes out the insignia he found before. RIkimaru remembers the name Takamatsu spoke of: Akechi.

“Akechi… With a name and a banner like this,we should easily find out who’s doing all this.”

Rikimaru puts the insignia away and begins to make his way back to Gohda castle.

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